Sanctuary State: Illegal Alien Gets Five Years in Prison for Killing 24-Year-Old

by JOHN BINDER2 May 2021

An illegal alien has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing a 24-year-old man in a drunk driving car crash in the sanctuary state of New Jersey.

Jesus Leal-Corona, a 49-year-old illegal alien, pleaded guilty in 2020 to second-degree vehicular homicide, two counts of third-degree vehicular assault, and drunk driving after hitting and killing 24-year-old Frankie Hensley of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in September 2019.

Leal-Corona, who had been living in Monroeville, New Jersey, admitted to police that he was drunk driving when he hit Hensley. At the time of the crash, Hensley was the passenger in a vehicle involved in a separate crash when he got out of the vehicle.

Then, Leal-Corona hit Hensley who was rushed to a nearby hospital and died hours later as a result of his injuries.

Leal-Corona was sentenced to five years in prison for the vehicular homicide charge and must serve 85 percent of his term before becoming eligible for parole. He also received a 3-year sentence for vehicular assault and 30 days in prison for the drunk driving charge.

Before the deadly crash, Leal-Corona had been arrested in Texas and New Jersey. Despite those arrests, Leal-Corona was never deported. New Jersey’s broad sanctuary state policy, which shields criminal illegal aliens from federal arrest and deportation, could prevent Leal-Corona from being turned over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency following his sentence.