Satanists to be deported

TWO Congolese nationals face deportation from Zimbabwe for devil worshipping.

George Renee Lungange and Ngezi Ngendo Bragxton were residents of the Tongogara Refugee Camp in 2011 when they were arrested for trying to convert fellow refugees to Satanism.

The two men are now locked up at Harare Prison where they made a show for journalists who visited the facility last Wednesday on a guided tour.

Now ministers and prison authorities say the two men’s refugee status will be revoked, and the pair will be deported back to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi has told prisons chief Rtd Major General Paradzai Zimondi to isolate the two to stop them from “polluting” other prisoners with their beliefs.

Mohadi said: “Satanic practices are immoral and intolerable in Zimbabwe. We have no room for such wayward and evil practices.”

Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa is set to revoke the two men’s refugee status within days, allowing their removal from the prison and deportation.

Mohadi said: “The mandate of the prison is to rehabilitate, and it is our general feeling that they prison authorities have to get rid of such unrepentant elements in the soonest possible way.”

Harare Remand Prison officer-in-charge Chief Superintendent Billiot Chibaya said prison authorities only learnt that the two were Satanists recently.

He revealed: “We didn’t know until the time they wrote a letter to me, seeking authorisation to conduct nocturnal prayers and start their satanic cult here. That is when we interrogated them. They then confessed to being Satanists.

“We interview other inmates daily, but none of them has told us that they have been convinced to join them.”

Bragxton and Lungange told journalists last Wednesday that they drank their own blood as part of their initiation into Satanism during a ceremony held in South Africa.

Bragxton said: “Satan has provided all we need. I already have a vehicle showroom and a line of supermarkets back in Congo. Nothing surpasses what Satan has given us.”