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    Save America, Save Hazleton rally Saturday 9/1/07

    Save America, Save Hazleton rally on the steps of pennsylvanias state capital building this Saturday
    August 29, 2007

    For immediate release:

    Save America, Save Hazleton rally on the steps of pennsylvanias state capital building this Saturday 9/1/07 with a start time of 12pm running until 3pm.

    Join us as we refuse to back down from any and all groups that have decided to attend to quote "Shut us down"
    The voice and the will of the people cannot and will not be silenced any longer!

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

    All roads lead to Harrisburg for this Saturday's 9/1/2007 historic chapter in marking the days till the end of Illegal Immigration and closure of our United States Borders! Be there at noon to exercise your First Amendment rights on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg to Assemble Peacefully to address your government! This is the Seventh and largest rally organized by VoiceOfThePeopleUSA, and the largest scheduled Anti Illegal Immigration rally ever held in the state!

    We have just confirmed that State Representative Daryl Metcalfe will be speaking along with Mike Cutler, Retired Border Patrol Agent and legal Latino immigrants from You Don't Speak For Me who will all speak out on Illegal Immigration .
    ( See website for the complete list of speakers.)

    As a true leader, Representative Metcalfe is sponsoring HB750 in Harrisburg which fines employers and cuts all state taxpayer funded services to Illegal Aliens! Similar effective legislation has just been passed in Oklahoma with immediate and positive results in reducing not only the influx of Illegals, but also the Exodus of those Illegals BEFORE the new law was to be enacted!

    As we celebrate the American worker on this Labor Day National Holiday, we must be aware that our laws are under assault by the ACLU. And the future will look very different from today unless we STOP the decay of our laws, our communities, and our country. Nothing Will change with out YOU! Harrisburg is a straight shot down I81. A short drive. The day will be cool and sunny. The Capitol building and the exercising of our civic duty and rights nothing short of beautiful!

    The ACLU Will be there to call hard working, law abiding citizens racists and hate mongers. Will you be there to peacefully show them that we will not be intimidated into silence? After all, how can you argue in favor of lawlessness?

    WE NEED YOU TO BE COUNTED! Spend a nice afternoon at an uplifting event FREE! I guarantee you that we will be on the winning team, amongst true leaders like yourself! Speaking up and out is the American way, especially for Pennsylvanians, as we have a rich history of changing history, for the better, and the betterment of these United States of America!

    Join us as we stand up to any and all adversity that has or may come our way! WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN! We have been threatened by the ACLU and a group called the one peoples project, both of these groups are attempting to deny us our civil liberties as American citizens and we must unite! Now more than ever we have to show all groups that support illegality in this great nation that we do not believe, nor do we want illegality to be embraced and supported in these United States of America. This is our time to stand together regardless of politics to show our state government as well as our federal government that they are indeed failing us and we, their employers are putting them on notice!

    To all the veterans that have fought for our freedoms both overseas and here at home, this is for all of you! You put your lives on the line for us and many made the ultimate sacrifice for our civil liberties, and our personal freedoms and every single day that we continue to allow illegal immigrants to cross our borders and to infringe on the American way of life we are disgracing the honor and the integrity of all the veterans that have and continue to serve our country. All of you fought for us and now veterans benefits are being reduced, while benefits to illegals in this country are on the rise. This has to stop! You fought for us and now we will fight for all of you!


    Daniel Smeriglio
    Founder, President
    Voice of the people USA

    Andrew Woodring
    Co-founder Vice president
    Voice of the people USA

    Frank Scavo
    Chairman of the board
    Voice of the people USA
    570-840-1665 ... -2104.html

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    Good luck to everyone. Wish i could come up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoinTheFight
    Good luck to everyone. Wish i could come up there.
    I too send my luck to you patriots over in Hazleton!
    Our country's founders cherished liberty, not democracy.
    -Ron Paul

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