Friday, March 13, 2015 09:12 PM
By: Todd Beamon

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker opposes Loretta Lynch's nomination as attorney general because she backs President Barack Obama's amnesty orders, a spokeswoman said Friday.

"Given Loretta Lynch’s failure to commit to protect Americans from the president’s lawless executive overreach, that even he said nearly two dozen times, she is not fit to serve as the nation’s attorney general," Kirsten Kukowski told Breitbart News.

Walker was in New Hampshire on Friday, which will hold the nation's first presidential primary next January, Breitbart reports. He was expected to meet with former GOP Sen. Scott Brown, who narrowly lost to Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in November.

The Senate is expected to vote on Lynch's nomination next week to succeed Eric Holder, who has had stormy relations with Republicans during his six years as the nation's top lawyer. She currently is the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

If confirmed, Lynch, 55, would become the first African-American woman to hold the post.

Many Republican senators have said they would oppose Lynch over her support for Obama's executive orders, while four have said they would support her.

Those saying they would back Lynch are Sens. Orrin Hatch of Utah, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Susan Collins of Maine.

Others have expressed other reservations about Lynch over such issues as whether she would set a tone for the Justice Department different from that of Holder and how she would prioritize law-enforcement activities.