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Thread: Sean Hannity's Comments on Immigration (Amnesty) Framework

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    Sean Hannity's Comments on Immigration (Amnesty) Framework

    I know Hannity panicked and flip flopped after November's election and came out in support of "path to citizenship" amnesty (which the pro-amnesty media has reported on repeatedly to push their agenda), but his comments over the past couple of days have not been too bad.

    He commented on his radio this morning about the Senate amnesty proposal and Obama's speech. He said Obama's deportation numbers don't apply to his family, and why does reform always have to be "comprehensive"?

    He does not trust Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin and Barack Obama to keep their word. He said Marco Rubio said their must be measurable security of border security, and securing the border first, without securing the border first this is a non-starter, but he (Hannity) doubts the president will go for this.

    This is a framework, no legislation yet.

    Hannity said the president talked about enforcement, but the government is not enforcing the laws we have.
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    I believe that the open borders, amnesty groups are looking for every conservative voice to support their efforts. Any little comment that may sound positive for them will be used. I heard Sean Hannity's name on a discussion today, highlighting a change in his views. He has spoken on Senator Rubio's plan as a step in the right direction on border security, enforcement, in his view. Media today added Rush's name as saying he may be open to support. They did however, fail to address the list of things that Rush said would have to be done, and Rush does not believe that Democrats are interested in border enforcement as we heard from the show today.

    I do hope and believe that the American people will not change their minds toward granting amnesty, just because Sean or Rush or whoever may change their minds, but the plan is the same basic one from years past, with most of the same faces from years past, and new additions like Senator Rubio to try and make it more acceptable.
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