Secret ICE flights shift illegal aliens around the country

By Adriana Cohen, Boston Herald July 14, 2014 11:55 am

It's finally been confirmed what was suspected all along -- Massachusetts is feeling the pain of the chaotic border crisis.

Forget the denials. Secret flights of illegal immigrants have made their way to Bedford and Boston.

I guess Attorney General Martha Coakley and state police are out of the loop because they said in recent weeks they had no knowledge of it.

We've learned from immigration officials that four planes filled with detainees nabbed on the border landed at Hanscom Field and Logan International Airport since April as the U.S. scrambles to cap the immigration crisis.

Three other flights chartered by President Obama's immigration crew have also stopped in Massachusetts to pick up illegals and deport them.

So why haven't local communities been notified?

This should alarm everybody in the Bay State, because we don't know how many illegals are passing through or hanging around; what communicable diseases they may carry; if any are sex offenders, drug-runners, gang members or terrorists.

This operation of moving illegals from Texas to Hanscom to Logan and back again has been shrouded in secrecy, putting our health and security at risk.

It's unacceptable for the president to run such a risky loop without coming clean with the American people.

The president promised transparency in his administration and that is a flat-out joke. We have a right to know who's coming into our community.

ICE agents and doctors treating illegals are being told to clam up.

This begs the question: Is something really bad is going on?

This has been a pattern with the Obama administration.

Whistleblowers have been demonized in one scandal after another.

Republican Congressional candidate Richard Tisei has come up with a plan to protect whistleblowers ... and it can't come too soon.

If this is happening in Bedford, it could also be playing out -- very quietly -- in small towns and big cities all over the country. How would we know? It's a secret.

The president is asking for nearly $4 billion to help deal with 50,000 illegal kids flooding over the border.

Like the rest of Obama's scandals, this border crisis is a gross violation of trust where we are lied to over and over again. Americans shouldn't be left in the dark.