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    Sen. Klobuchar (D-MN) still supporting amnesty

    The bleeding heart pro-amnesty crowd still doesn't get it...

    Dear Stephen`:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts about immigration. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

    Although the Senate failed to pass legislation this year to address the issue of illegal immigration, I continue to seek comprehensive immigration reform that is tough, fair and practical. I will continue to support an immigration policy that meets three goals. First, there should be stronger border controls. Secure, effectively monitored borders are necessary to protect America and to enforce U.S. immigration laws, and significant resources must be devoted to the urgent need for more border security. When there are people waiting to get into this country legally, we must make sure that we prevent people from entering illegally. Second, there should be better enforcement of our immigration laws, including cracking down on employers who hire illegal workers. Finally, there should be some form of earned citizenship for those who have been living and working in the United States for many years – as long as they are willing to learn English, pay their taxes, obey the law, and pay substantial fines to earn their citizenship. Thank you again for sending me your views, and please continue to stay in touch on this and other matters of concern to you.


    Amy Klobuchar
    United States Senator
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    We keep hearing that there should be some form of rewards for the ones who have benefitted the longest from biting off of the USA.
    We are NOT a nation of immigrants!

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    THIS SENATOR needs to be voted out!

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