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Thread: Senate Candidate John Fetterman — Sanctuary Cities Make ‘Everybody Safer’

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    Senate Candidate John Fetterman — Sanctuary Cities Make ‘Everybody Safer’

    Senate Candidate John Fetterman — Sanctuary Cities Make ‘Everybody Safer’

    by SPENCER LINDQUIST 3 Aug 2022

    Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman has defended illegal immigration and claimed that sanctuary city policies make “everybody safer.”

    The democratic candidate and Lieutenant Governor defended illegal immigration at a speaking event at West Chester University in 2016.

    At the event, Fetterman claimed it was un-American to prevent immigrants from entering the country. He stated, “Sanctuary cities is another policy that I very much support,” before going on to say that they “make everybody safer.” Fetterman went on to allege that those who want to limit immigration are racist or otherwise bigoted.

    While discussing immigration policy and sanctuary cities, Fetterman remarked, “There’s a dark side of populism, and that’s what the other side seems to have tapped into – that if you’re the wrong color, and you’re the wrong religion, and you came from the wrong country, that you’re automatically a suspect.”
    Republican nominee Mehmet Oz has highlighted his opponent’s stance on sanctuary cities and crime in his first television ad of the general election.

    The Oz campaign has also published a letter, which is signed by 13 county sheriffs, that asks Fetterman to clarify his beliefs on a number of issues related to crime. The letter reads:

    On September 25, 2015, when asked about your stances on drugs, you stated that you were not only in favor of legalizing marijuana but also asserted you were for decriminalizing drugs across the board.

    Since your comments, drug overdoses have risen exponentially, taking the lives of nearly 92,000 Americans in 2020.

    The letter also points out that “On July 20, 2020, you said you promoted releasing one-third of Pennsylvania inmates and believed that it would not make anyone less safe. Additionally, on June 1, 2021, you expressed that you favor lightening sentences for murderers.”

    The letter continues, saying “We believe such measures would add to already rising crime rates in Pennsylvania, particularly in Philadelphia.”

    Senate Candidate Fetterman — Sanctuary Cities Make 'Everybody Safer' (
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    This Democrat is horrible on immigration issues.

    But the question is does Dr. Oz support or oppose immigration reform Amnesty for illegals?
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    Mehmet Oz in 2018 Pushed Amnesty for Illegal Alien Youths: ‘I Think the Dreamers Are Being Used as Political Points’


    Brian Ach/Getty Images for L'Oréal ParisMATTHEW BOYLE4 Apr 2022Washington, DC

    Dr. Mehmet Oz, the celebrity doctor now running as a candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, as recently as 2018 was publicly advocating for amnesty for illegal alien youths.

    Asked in an interview with Asli Pelit in 2018 what he thinks about so-called “DREAMERs,” Oz replied that he thought the illegal alien youths were being used by both parties to score “political points.”

    “I think the DREAMERs are being used as political points and both parties are gonna have to figure that out – people should not be penalized because we can’t get our thoughts together,” Oz replied.

    Oz also pushed for lifting quotas on the number of migrants America brings into the country legally, advocating specifically for more doctors.

    “We do need an immigration policy, I believe, that rewards merit,” Oz said. “If I’m trying to bring a heart surgeon to America… why would that be hindered because of some abstract quota that no one can defend? I can understand, you don’t want immigrants who are undocumented, may be have dangerous past… I get all the politics, but we don’t want to penalize the dreamers for that.”

    This 2018 interview is not the only time Oz promoted the cause of illegal alien youths. In the summer of 2019, the celebrity doctor who now claims to be a Republican tweeted a photo of himself meeting with a group of so-called DREAMERs. In the tweet he said in part that the illegal alien youths were “building themselves and America”:

    Oz’s history with immigration is particularly tenuous, as his ownership in a family company that was issued the largest fine ever in the history of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for a scheme of hiring and rehiring illegal aliens has been a front-and-center campaign matter. The New York Post unveiled the explosive revelations earlier this year, and the story has beset the Oz campaign since.

    What’s more, while Oz was born in Ohio, his parents being from Turkey means he has citizenship both in the autocracy and in the United States.

    Oz served in the Turkish military by choice—but not in the United States military—to maintain his dual citizenship, and he continues to maintain it to this day. Oz has, under immense pressure from campaign rivals, said he will renounce his Turkish citizenship if he is elected to the U. S. Senate—but he continues to keep the dual loyalties for now. He says the reason he will not relinquish Turkish citizenship and pledge allegiance solely to the United States is because his mother, who has Alzheimer’s, is in a facility in Turkey and he maintains the dual loyalties so he can care for her.

    But according to the Washington Post, this arrangement, should Oz not follow through on his campaign promise to ditch his Turkish citizenship after the election, would be unprecedented.


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    I do not trust RINO Dr. Oz and do not understand why Trump would endorse him.

    Born in Ohio? Were his parents here legally? Is he an anchor baby? Stop giving U.S. Birth Certificates to the offspring of foreign citizens!

    We need to END Dual-Citizenship as well.

    Dreamers, illegal aliens, criminal trespassers, undocumented foreign citizens, migrants, you can call them Unicorns or Teddy Bears... does not matter!

    Dreamers and illegal aliens are here illegally whether they came here 30 years ago or 30 seconds ago. We are sick of their SOB stories, send them back home to their president.

    No Amnesty #8, no DACA, no DAPA, no path to stay, no anchor baby.

    Obama has NO legal authority to give DACA a free pass to stay, that is in direct violation of our immigration laws.

    Send them home with their DAPA parents!
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