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    Senate Of EU (?) Approves Reform Migratory ... D%26sa%3DG

    YEAR NINE Today he is: Thursday 25 of May of 2006

    © the president requests to EU reforms migratory comprehensive: “we are its partners in the security against the terrorism, permítanos to work together”

    Senate of EU approves reform migratory
    (EFE in Washington)
    ( 2006-05-25 )

    The Senate of EU today approved a project of law of migratory reform that can clear the way for the legalization of good part of the 12 million undocumented immigrants in the country.

    The voting in the Senate against threw a final result of 62 votes to favor and 36, with which the law project happens now to a process of harmonization with the House of Representatives, that will initiate the next month.

    The approval of today reflected the intense work of the main leaders of the Senate, the Bill Frist republican and the democrat Harry Reid, who led a fragile bipartisan coalition in favor of the migratory reform.

    The law project counts on the endorsement of the White House, the enterprise sector, the Hispanic organizations and religious groups, but it confronts a winding way towards his harmonization with which it approved the House of Representatives in last December.

    The measurement approved, today amplest from 1986, declares the English as “official language” of EU and includes, between its main elements, a route towards the legalization of at least eight million undocumented immigrants; a program of temporary workers, and the reinforcing of the border monitoring.

    Altogether, the law project establishes a limit of 650 thousand visas sponsored by an employer under the new visa category “H2C”, number that includes the relatives of the workers.

    The immigrants who wish to fit migratory his estatus will have to pay a fine of two thousand 500 dollars; to demonstrate knowledge of the English, that has fixed work and that does not have criminal records, besides to be up-to-date with the payment of its taxes.

    The law project in addition authorizes the construction of a wall of 595 kilometers in the border with Mexico, the hiring of up to four thousand additional agents of the Border Patrol and the shipment of up to two thousand 500 additional inspectors in the ports from entrance to the country.

    Also it extends the centers of halting of undocumented immigrants, when duplicating from 10 thousands to 20 thousands the number of beds in those facilities.

    The measurement modifies the program of visa lottery, so that two third parts of 55 thousand visas granted annually would be destined to professionals in the fields of mathematics, sciences, technology or engineering.

    In addition, it maintains the credits tributary that the federal Government grants to workers of limited resources for the undocumented immigrants who ask for the “green card”.

    Also it modernizes the system of adoption of foreign children, who would receive the same protections that the children born in EU.

    Throughout the debate and voting of the project, the senators of both parties had to make numerous concessions so that the legislation he arrived at good port.

    However, so that this proposal becomes law, he must be harmonized with the project approved by the House of Representatives, promoted by the republican James Sensenbrenner and that turns criminals the undocumented immigrants and to those who they offer services to them.
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    Senate of EU (?) approves reform migratory

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    Thank you Pinestrawguys....I needed that.

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