By PAUL BEDARD • 6/13/16 6:40 PM

Sen. Jeff Sessions, a critic of U.S. immigration policy and Trump advisor, said late Monday that President Obama's approach to immigration and Muslims in the United States is a "colossal failure" that "endangers us all."

Said Sessions: "This president's failure to accept the reality of the threat we face has only emboldened our enemies, and we should expect more attacks like this one unless this administration's dangerous policies dramatically change. This colossal failure of leadership endangers us all. Yesterday's deadly terror attack tragically underscores the urgent need to change course and secure our country."

In a statement reacting to the Orlando terror shooting in a gay club, Sessions said it is time to be tougher in looking at the background of immigrants, especially Muslims and those from nations that harbor terrorists. He also said that American born children of immigrants from those countries, like the Orlando shooter, should be checked for violent leanings.

"The fundamental challenge we face is how we defend America. Congress and the resident must set policies that protect the country and its people as effectively as possible," said Sessions, a Judiciary Committee subcommittee chairman.

"To do that, we need good data on what has been happening and where the threats are coming from. While the vast majority of Muslims are law-abiding and peaceful, we must face the uncomfortable reality that not only are immigrants from Muslim-majority countries coming to the United States, radicalizing, and attempting to engage in acts of terrorism, such as in Boston and Chattanooga; but also, their first-generation American children are susceptible to the toxic radicalization of terrorist organizations. We saw it in San Bernardino just six months ago, and in Orlando yesterday," added the Alabama senator and former federal prosecutor.

Sessions drew attention the the tens of thousands of immigrants that arrive from Muslim nations yearly, legally and illegally, in calling for a better approach to vetting new arrivals.

"The national security challenges that we face at home are not insurmountable. However, this Administration makes it almost impossible for law enforcement to do their jobs by continuing to bring an unprecedented number of people into the country each year, including a massive number from the Middle East – over 100,000 in FY2014 alone, a 32 percent increase from FY2013. Moreover, the administration is bringing in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees who cannot be adequately screened for security risks and potential for radicalization. And these numbers do not even account for the thousands crossing our unsecured borders, including those from high-risk countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and others," he said.