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Thread: Sessions: Senate Dems ‘Lemmings’ for Obama ‘Palace Guard’ Harry Reid

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    Sessions: Senate Dems ‘Lemmings’ for Obama ‘Palace Guard’ Harry Reid

    Video at source link.

    on Breitbart TV 19 Sep 2014, 9:23 AM PDT

    Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) criticized Senate Democrats for rejecting an amendment to block President Obama’s planned executive amnesty on Friday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

    Sessions said that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid allowing a few vulnerable Democrats to vote against the amendment while making sure the amendment did not pass was a “craven political act that is just beneath dignity” and “Washington at its worst.” Sessions further blasted Senate Democrats as Harry Reid’s “lemmings,” while declaring Reid a “palace guard” for President Obama.

    He argued that the stakes in the debate on the president’s proposed executive amnesty were high, saying “this is a time for Congress to say, are we going to allow the President of the United States to unlawfully alter American law, not enforce American law, and to execute an immigration policy that the Congress has not passed and the American people reject.”

    Sessions also discussed the economic impact of the president’s proposed executive amnesty, which he stated would “hammer” working-class Americans. Sessions also argued that the major problem facing the US economy is an “excess of labor and a big part of that is immigration.”

    The senator further claimed that the immigration bill passed by the Senate “doubled the illegal flow of workers into America,” “did nothing to fix the visa problem,” and “weakened the current law.” He added that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was “insufficiently informed about the reality of this immigration [proposal].”
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    [Listen] Sen Jeff Sessions Not Amused, Not Fooled By Harry Reid’s Treachery on Amnesty

    Posted on 19 September, 2014 by Rick Wells

    Senator Jeff Sessions says that now is the time for Congress to say, “Are we going to allow the ‘president’ of the United States to unlawfully alter American law, not enforce American law, and to execute an immigration policy that the Congress has not passed and the American people reject.”

    He adds, “I mean at some point, Congress as an institution has to defend itself and just cannot allow this to happen number one and number two it’s a policy that they are executing that will hammer the working middle class Americans and it already is hammering them, their wages and their job prospects.”

    Senator Sessions is optimistic that the tide is changing, that the American people are beginning to realize what a dramatic event Obama has promised and how important it is to stop it.

    Senator Sessions is asked if he believes this illegality on the part of the executive branch sets us down a path towards a more lawless society, to which he responds, “Absolutely!” The job of president is not to write laws, but to enforce the laws as they are passed by the elected representative of the people of the United States.

    He points out how the American people can vote out their representatives, but they can’t vote out special interests such as La Raza, who have met over 20 times in the last two months with others of the elite cabal intent on the illegal fundamental transformation of America.
    Describing it as Washington at its worst, they discuss Harry Reid’s ploy in the Senate to permit those who were in tight races in the Senate to go on the record as voting against amnesty, with only one, the now doomed Mark Begich of Alaska having to show his true colors.
    The maneuvers are made necessary because of the recognition by the Democrats that they are acting against the will of the American people and that they are being exposed as placing their political interests ahead of what is in the best interest of the American people.
    After listening to a Democrat campaign ad, Sessions characterizes them as “running scared” from this issue, with Democrat Senators being little more than “Harry Reid’s lemmings who enable him to continue to be in power and to continue to support and be the palace guard for ‘president’ Obama’s agenda.”

    They then get into the impact that adding fifty million workers to the American workforce will have at a time when we already have too many workers for the number of available jobs. Common sense and the numbers, including our reducing average wage belie the claims of Democrats and complicit Republicans, including John Boehner, that this would somehow be a benefit to the nation. It is a benefit only to rich and powerful special interest groups, which will be paid for by the rest of us.

    Senator Sessions outlines how providing documents to people who are in the country illegally, which will provide them with the means to violate our laws is in itself an illegal act being committed by the federal government under the guise of an executive order. He is rightfully concerned that this will set our country down a path in which our fundamental respect for law and order may be eroded beyond repair.

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    There are tens of millions of REAL AMERICANS opposed to open borders and amnesty. So why is it that to this day our borders are open and illegals are not IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED? Does anyone want to guess what would happen if these people took to the streets in a nation wide protests? If this stuff goes on and on it is BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT WITH OUR INACTIVITY.

    P.s. send ALIPAC some $$ because nothing happens without $$.
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