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    Shameless Media: 10 Pro-Amnesty Guests on Sunday Talk Shows; 0 Opponents

    More evidence of our broken media:

    The Daily Caller
    Only pro-amnesty guests, please! …

    Posted By Mickey Kaus On 8:57 PM 04/08/2013 In DC Exclusives

    10 to 0–The MSM’s idea of a debate: Thanks to Politico for the list of all the guests on the five major networks’ Sunday talk shows (on all of which immigration was a hot topic of the day). I count thirteen politicians or adminstration figures. Of these guests, ten vigorously support some form of immigration amnesty (Schumer (two shows) Graham, McCain, Dan Pfeiffer (2 shows), Bill Richardson, John Huntsman, Luis Gutierrez and Mario Diaz-Balart.)

    But that’s OK, because the networks booked politicians who oppose amnesty to debate them! … Oh wait, there were no politicians opposing amnesty debating them. Zero. None. FOX included. The closest you could come was Asa Hutchinson, who has a nuanced record, having … no, sorry, he supported the Bush amnesty plan as Homeland Security Undersecretary. In any case, he was on TV only to talk about guns. …

    Has there ever been an issue on which the big national media were so one-sided and so untroubled by how one-sided they are? You’d think they’d at least find the kookiest anti-amnesty crackpot they could find and put them on. But they don’t even do that.

    If the national debate is so unanimous, why is it so hard for amnesty to get passed? Who are these mystery opponents, never seen, whe wield vast under-the-radar influence? …

    At least we have the pundits to provide diversity! Um, no. I count two clear amnesty supporters (Mike Murphy, and Jennifer Rubin). No clear amnesty foes. …

    Sunday’s high point was probably the CNN debate between veteran amnesty supporter Gutierrez and veteran amnesty supporter Diaz Balart. … It’s great to see Washington come together like this. Take it away, CBS host Bob Schieffer (who pretended that it was a wonderful surprise to find veteran amnesty supporters Schumer and McCain working together on, yes, an amnesty plan!) …

    Breitbart anticipated that the Sunday shows were going “full out” on amnesty. The scary thing is that they probably don’t see it as going “full out” in support. They just see it as booking some guests to talk about immigration. Of course they are all pro-amnesty. Who else is there? …

    Article printed from The Daily Caller:
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    Thank God for Mickey Kaus. I follow Mickey and Mark Krikorian on twitter.

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