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    Share a story from Denver

    This was sent to me by a person in Colorado. I thought I would share with everyone.

    Denver Traffic Court
    Thought I would share this with my relatives/friends.
    Subject: My wife was caught speeding and had to go to Denver Traffic court

    This experience happened to my wife today. April 1, 2007, in Denver County
    Traffic Court, Denver, Colorado. She had to appear in traffic court as a
    result of a speeding ticket. She was speeding and knew she would have to
    a fine. We have no problem with that.

    The rest of the court experience, however, is something we should all stand
    up and take exception to and ask what is happening to the United States ?
    She was told to be in court by 4:30PM today. She was there at the appointed
    time. However, when she arrived, it was announced that all non-English
    speaking persons, with traffic violations, would be taken care of first.
    The reason being that the interpreter leaves every day at the same time and
    does not care to stay late. So the reward for not speaking English is, one gets
    to go to the front of the line.

    Next, the non-English speaking individuals did not have driver's licenses or
    insurance. No one asked them why they did not have licenses, or what they
    were doing to get licenses or insurance. They were given a $35 fine for
    driving without a license. Since many of them did not have the $35, they
    were also given payment terms. So, they are granted another reward for not
    having the money to pay the fines.

    My wife, who was born in Denver, Colorado, raised here, and lived here all
    her life, was given a $249 fine for her speeding ticket, was not given
    payment terms, and had to wait until all the non-speaking, aliens were
    treated first

    If I understand this correctly:
    1 - Let's never require non-English speaking individuals, who live in this
    country, to learn English.
    2 - Let's never require they become citizens of the United States of
    3 - Let's never require them to ever get driver's licenses and pray they
    never kill someone on the road with their driving.
    4 - Let's never require they get automobile insurance, so that all of us
    who do will pay higher and higher premiums.
    5 - Let's make sure that those of us who do get injured by these
    pay higher and higher health insurance premiums.
    6 - Let's make sure those who can pay their fines, pay big ones to
    subsidize all those $35 fines on payment plans.
    7 - Let's make sure we never inconvenience them and let's never
    inconvenience the interpreters in this country who may have to work late.

    Our Country is eroding every day right before our eyes. No country in the
    world has ever survived having 2 major languages. We are heading down that
    path. (I highlighted this because I believe it needs to be acknowledged.
    Does it matter to you?)
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    Our Country is eroding every day right before our eyes.
    That's the sad truth. It's no only becomming Bi-lingual but also Bi- laws and rules and punishments. As my husband says.....a set of laws for the we'ems and a set of laws for the you'ems. I see it everyday in the paper when they say what the crimes are and what the bond is.....then you'll read a story later where it was lowered to accomodate payment etc.. I mean the book is thrown at blacks and whites and the hispanics get a tap on the wrist for much worse crimes. I thought if it was a particular crime it was the same fine and punishment across the board.....but no.

    They had a list of housing zone violations and what they were and who owned the property. If it had a hispanic name even with multiple was 50 bucks etc.....yet the others were slammed with hundreds for much much less.

    Did see "mob action" as a charge I hadn't seen before in the police reports. From the names it looked like a black vs hispanic groups and when the police showed up they tried to stop the cop from breaking things up....tried to take his gun and's getting rough out there. And continuing to allow this to go unpunished is only going to make people more apt to press those limits. I just never remember people actually have the guts to try and dis-arm a cop before.....especially by mob action. Maybe if they were drunk or something.....but these were kids and there was no mention of drugs or alcohol. Just no respect for anything anymore.
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