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    Sheriff Joe Arpaio running for sixth term

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio running for sixth term

    Posted: 5:11 PM
    Last Updated: 1 hour and 34 minutes ago
    By: staff

    PHOENIX - Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced Wednesday he is running for his sixth term as Maricopa County Sheriff.

    According to Arpaio's campaign manager Chad Willems, the Sheriff submitted over 15,000 nomination signatures from Republican and Independent voters throughout Maricopa County.

    Willems said his figure is more than four times the number of signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

    “So many people I’ve never met went out and collected signatures for me all on their own. I know it’s
    a lot of hard work and I’m grateful for their support,” said Arpaio.

    “We look forward to comparing Sheriff Arpaio’s record of success against any other candidate in this race," said Willems. “Over the past several months, the level of financial support for Sheriff Joe has reached epic levels.”

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio running for sixth term

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