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Thread: Sheriff Paul Babeu: Obama to Blame for US Immigration Problem

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    Sheriff Paul Babeu: Obama to Blame for US Immigration Problem

    Thursday, July 23, 2015 04:19 PM

    A decorated Arizona sheriff says the Obama administration is to blame for the breakdown of immigration law enforcement in the United States which he believes has led to the murders of innocent Americans at the hands of illegal aliens.

    Paul Babeu — the sheriff of Pinal County who was voted America's 2011 "Sheriff of the Year," — told Bill Tucker, guest host of "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV that tragedies like the recent fatal shooting of a young woman by a five-time deported illegal immigrant in San Francisco are proof.

    "He had seven felony convictions. This guy had no right, no business being in this country … He's an example for all of what's wrong with immigration in America," Babeu said.

    "President [Barack] Obama, [former Attorney General] Eric Holder, the current AG [Loretta Lynch] and [Homeland Security Secretary] Jeh Johnson … have gutted our immigration law to the point that [illegal immigrants] have far stronger rights."

    "[That includes] the criminals, the most serious offenders of criminals who don't even have standing, legitimate standing in our country — [they] commit murder, rape, kidnapping — and what happens to these guys? They're released back into not the streets of the country they came from."

    And Babeu said he doesn't see the problem being solved anytime soon.

    "What do we suspect is going to happen? More of this is to come sadly and thousands and thousands of victims will be victimized with this intentional, with this deliberate indifference by this president and his failures on immigration to enforce the law," he said.

    One of the key issues is the existence of "sanctuary cities," municipalities that protect the rights of illegal immigrants.

    Babeu scoffed at White House spokesperson Josh Earnest's declaration earlier this month that if House Republicans had not blocked the president's comprehensive immigration reform, there would have been additional funding for border security.

    "That's absolute insanity. He'd never make it as a cop or a detective because that's like blaming law enforcement for local criminals committing crimes. It's just insanity," Babeu said.

    "How can they make this a political issue saying it's because of the Republicans? That's insane. We, as Republicans, have stood up and said 'enforce the laws.' You and I as citizens have to obey the laws."

    "People from foreign countries who have broken the law to get here shouldn't be immune from them … Every good decent American that abides by the law should be outraged by the fact that the very foundation of our country, the rule of law, has been undermined by this president."
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    Obama is burying us in a hole we'll never be able to climb out of!

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    MW, That was his plan. I believe the U.S. was lost when he was re-elected. Maybe we have a slim hope of taking it back but we have a huge fight ahead of us. I knew the punisher and chief would double down after the 2014 election went the way it did, he just didn't realize how much help he would get from the RNC republicans.

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    I know from experience that people have been victimized by amnesty/open borders since at least 1990. Not speaking of that and only blaming the recent past is not telling the younger voter the whole truth. It becomes tiring to see only part of the truth told. The only reason to tell partial truths is to be political, we got into trouble from being political rather than truthful.

    If we are not honest about our history, it is not likely that we will ever be honest.

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