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    Should We "Celebrate Diversity"?

    From Jared Taylor:

    It is natural and moral for people to prefer the society and way of life of people like themselves. Non-whites take this for granted. Blacks do not apologize for forming black caucuses, celebrating the openly racial holiday of Kwanzaa, electing black candidates, wanting black police officers, taking pride in their race and preferring the culture and company of blacks. Many blacks make race the centerpiece of their identities, as do many Hispanics. Blacks want America to be more "black" and Hispanics want it to be more "Hispanic." It is only whites who are forbidden to have an explicitly racial identity, and when they express loyalties non-whites take for granted they are accused, as Washington Post columnist Colbert King accuses me, of "bigotry." Immigration is central to any debate about race. Every year we accept approximately 800,000 legal immigrants and uncounted numbers of illegals into this country. Ninety percent are non-white. Why should we add yet more racial fault lines to a country whose greatest tragedies have been bound up with race? And why should whites hand over the country to people unlike themselves? If millions of whites were pouring across the border into Mexico, celebrating July 4th rather than Cinco de Mayo, demanding school instruction in English rather than Spanish and pushing the ethnic demands of an organization called the National Council of the Race (La Raza), could Mexicans be tricked into thinking this was "cultural enrichment"?
    Whites are cheerfully exhorted to "celebrate diversity," but this is only asking them to celebrate their dwindling numbers and influence. Only a people bent on suicide would do this. Non-white organizations and the populations of non-white countries could never be browbeaten into welcoming their own displacement.

    No one denies that as Miami has become overwhelmingly Hispanic it has lost its Euro-American character. No one denies that those parts of our cities that have become black are alien to most whites. Why should I celebrate this? Miami and Detroit have lost the things I love most: the culture and way of life of my people. That is why whites leave. Although they may mouth praise for "diversity," they don't want it next door. And they are not running away; they are going back to the America they grew up in and in which they hope to rear their own children.

    Colbert King ridicules me for saying that only whites will carry the civilization of Europe forward in a meaningful way. What would he say if whites were displacing Nigerians, with soothing assurances that the Nigerian way of life was only being "enriched"?

    Demography is destiny. As those parts of the country with non-white majorities demonstrate, when population changes, everything else changes. Whites have the right -- they have the duty -- to resist unwanted change and to preserve for their children the culture and way of life of their ancestors.

    -- Excerpted from "Preserving the Ways Of My Ancestors," Op-Ed published in the Washington Post, February 6, 1999. Jared Taylor is editor of American Renaissance newsletter and serves on the board of directors of the Council of Conservative Citizens. ... ticle/1103

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    To's almost like going down the road of who's "better" men or women. Women became more like men and men became more like women and it has it's benefits and pitfalls in both directions. I'm tired of feeling "less than" because I'm female and I'm tired of appologising for being white. I certainly don't want to digress to the point in time when women weren't considered "smart" enough to fill out a check book, yet I haven't gotten to the point where I feel men have no significant worth what-so-ever.

    I don't feel "better" than a man or "better" than another race. There are just simply things I like and things I don't. If I don't trust a white person there's nothing said ,but trust your instincts. If I don't trust a person from another race....I'm racist. I'm just as cautious with a group of rowdy white boys as I am with a group of black guys or mexican guys. If they are leering or making nasty coments it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact they're acting like jerks. I can look at a group of girls and know if they're a bunch of stuck up B's and it has nothing to do with race. There's good and bad in all. But I don't like rap music and I don't like Spanish music.....but I do like the sitar and other instruments from the east. I don't like rap because a black person does it.......I just don't like it. I don't like it when a white person does it either. Why can't I simply just not like it without being called racist? There's alot of old country music I can't stand and I'm not too thrilled with opera either. I may be told I have no taste but I'm not considered a "racist".

    I've had friends from all races. But I can't just blindly go with open arms to every person I meet. There's probably more white people I don't like or trust. I'm not instantly drawn to a person because of their color. Some people are just easier to get to know. Why isn't that just OK?

    There are cultural differences I like and some I don't. I don't HAVE to embrace it all just because I like a part of it. And since I can't embrace it all without question.....doesn't make me a racist. They have started confusing insult, not liking etc. with racism......and it's not the same.

    They also blame the white elite. I personally am not to fond of them either. But.....the greed and power and corruption grab the other races just as hard and just as negatively as it has the white. But if I don't like a person in power of another race....I'm racist. Chicago is a prime example of people of other races who have become just as corrupt as any white person in power. Sounds like California does too. But if I make a comment about it......I'm racist. Yet they're all right there to say Amen if I put down a white person. Some people are just lousy people and color has nothing to do with it.

    I don't want people of other races to be "white". Just like I can't be another race. Why can't we just take the best and learn from each other?
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