Sign vandalism turns into debate over immigration


CBS 9 Oklahoma City (KWTV) | 7/15/2008
- Carrie Coppernoll

Everything about Randy Terrill stirs up trouble. Even signs.

... Someone is vandalizing his campaign signs. Of course, this isn't the first time campaign signs have been vandalized in an election year, but because it's Terrill, the occurrence has turned into an immigration debate.

The Republican representative of Moore and Norman is running for re-election. He's the author of House Bill 1804, legislation designed to halt illegal immigration by focusing on immigrants and the people who support them. Illegal immigration opponents love it; some churches and human rights activists hate it.

There's plenty of debate on Here are some of the comments.

Richard Reiss of Oklahoma City: "What do you expect? There are and always will be criminals. That is exactly where we are headed, with the courts caring more about noncitizens than citizens. All you idiots calling Mr. Terrill all these names — what are you calling Gov. Henry and all the others that voted for this great law?