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Thread: Somalis in America: A Horror Story of Crime, Violence, and Now Terrorism

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    Somalis in America: A Horror Story of Crime, Violence, and Now Terrorism

    Somalis in America: A Horror Story of Crime, Violence, and Now Terrorism

    4 days ago

    The decision taken in the early 1990s by the US’s former president, Bill Clinton, to import tens of thousands of backward Somalis into the American heartland of Minnesota has turned into an entirely predictable tale of crime, violence—and now, as demonstrated in the Nairobi, Kenya, shopping mall atrocity, terrorism.

    According to a claim by Kenya’s foreign minister Amina Mohamed, up to three Somalis, who she claimed were “American teenagers aged between 18 and 19, of Somali or Arab origin” took part in the bloody attack which has left dozens dead in the East African nation’s capital city.

    Although unconfirmed at time of writing, it would be no surprise to discover that “American” Somalis are part of the terrorist squad in Nairobi—because it would fit perfectly with the already well-developed pattern among that racial group in the US.

    The first large-scale invasion of Somalis into Minnesota occurred after the outbreak of civil war in their country in the early 1990s. After an abortive American military attempt to quell the uprising in Somalia (captured in film in the movie Black Hawk Down), the Clinton presidency decided that the primitive Somali tribesmen could be “saved” from their own self-inflicted chaos by transporting them in large numbers to what was then still the whitest part of the US.

    This deliberate racial invasion—where tribesmen literally had to be taught how to use modern outlets and bathrooms before being unleashed upon the once-pristine twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, has been actively pursued ever since, so that today that city is now one the largest Somali cities in the world (there is not even one of the ramshackle settlements in Somalia which masquerade as “towns” which have that many Somalis congregated together as residents).

    Most of the Somalis were sent to Minnesota because a number of Christian state-based voluntary agencies (VOLAGS), namely the Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and World Relief Minnesota have formally contracted with the State Department to settle the Third Worlders in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

    These VOLAGS provide various services to the newly-arrived foreign nationals from making housing arrangements to providing English language classes, as well as help in exploiting the welfare system. This is all done at the expense of the American taxpayer.

    Current estimates of the number of Somali immigrants living in the United States vary widely, ranging from 35,760 to 150,000 persons. According to 2010 American Community Survey data, there are approximately 85,700 people with Somali ancestry in the US. Of those, about 25,000 or one third live in Minnesota. California, Washington, and Ohio have the next largest Somali communities.

    While Somalia is far too smashed for any sort of comprehensive IQ evaluations to be made, its direct geographical neighbors, Ethiopia and Kenya, have some of the lowest national IQs in the world. Ethiopia’s national IQ is 63 and Kenya has a national IQ of 69 (an interesting observation could be made here about Barack Hussein Obama’s parentage).

    It is likely that the Somali IQ will be around this score as well—and it is therefore no surprise to discover that the usual traits of low-IQ populations have manifested themselves among the Somali invaders in the US. Crime, delinquency, educational failure, and social ostracism are the norm.

    Somali criminal activities in America have quickly taken their place as one of the most serious issues facing the authorities in Minnesota.

    In May 2013, a large group of Somali gang members began randomly attacking joggers on a Minneapolis trail that runs along the Mississippi River and leads into Anoka County Riverfront Park. The assailants demand no money, and the only motivation seems to be a penchant for violence. To date, all of the victims have been white.

    In May 2013, Mohammed Mukhtar, 18, was sentenced in Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court to eight years in prison for breaking into a 50-year-old woman’s apartment in Portland, and raping her as she slept. Judge Richard Mulhern said: “This was a terrible assault on a sleeping, helpless victim,” and that Mukhtar has “no prospect for rehabilitation.” Mukhtar pleaded guilty a month earlier to gross sexual assault, burglary and aggravated criminal trespassing.

    In November 2010, 29 Somali gang memberswere indicted for running an interstate sex-trafficking ring that forced Somali girls, as young as 12-years-old into prostitution. The girls were regularly transported from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to Nashville and Columbus, Ohio.

    The Standard-Examiner
    reported: The Somali gang members, with nicknames like “Fatboy,” “Forehead” and “Pinky,” passed the girls around like chattel for sex with other gang members or with paying customers. One girl they sold for liquor. Another they pimped for a blunt. Sometimes, they picked the girls up from school, to have sex in apartments or abandoned garages or even in a restroom stall in a suburban shopping mall. In July 2012, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek testified before the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on the threat which Somali refugees now pose to not only Minnesota, but to the entire nation.

    A portion of that testimony follows:

    “I have been asked to testify today about the specific emergence of Somali gang related issues we are having in my county. Minnesota’s Somali population has been estimated in the range of 80,000 to 125,000 and a majority of them live in Hennepin County. Whereas the African population represented 4% in the United States in 2008, in Minnesota, Africans represent 18% of our population because Minnesota is a designated US Refugee Resettlement Area.

    Typical Crimes committed by Somali Gangs include the following:

    First, Credit Card Fraud: Recently, Somali gangs have committed a high volume of credit card skimming and credit card fraud. Credit card skimming is a high reward, low risk crime. The skimming is done by acquiring a skimming device, computer, and necessary software. In Minnesota we are seeing trends where gangs will recruit individuals, often restaurant employees, to perform the skimming during work hours and then give the skimming device back to the gang member.

    Second, Cell Phone Store Burglaries: Cell phone stores in Minnesota also have been targeted by suspected Somali gang members where suspects smash the glass of the front doors, move to storage areas and target high-end smart phones. They can be in and out of the store in less than 2 minutes.

    Suspects have learned to travel to different metro areas in the United States to avoid the heightened awareness of law enforcement in certain communities.

    Third, Witness Intimidation: Somali gangs readily engage in witness tampering and intimidation. In Somali culture, if a crime is committed against a family, clan, or tribe, remittances are paid to family members. Somalis in Hennepin County have continued this remittance payment practice. We’ve learned that victims’ families often prefer to negotiate financial remittances rather than follow through with judicial prosecution. Oftentimes the payments are made directly to relatives in Somalia. This remittance payment continues to interfere in the successful prosecution of gang members.

    Fourth, Gun Store Burglaries: In July of 2008, a gun store in Minnetonka, Minnesota, was burglarized; the suspects initially cut the alarm and telephone lines and waited for law enforcement response. After law enforcement and management had cleared the area, the suspects returned and committed the burglary. The suspects took 57 handguns. Through the investigation it was determined that the guns were taken by members of the Somali Outlawz.

    Through tracking of recovered guns, it was determined that the majority of guns were either traded or sold to other known gang members. These same guns were then used in homicides, aggravated assaults, shootings, and robberies. Twenty-seven of the stolen handguns have not yet been recovered.

    Terrorism Nexus to Somali Gang Activity: In 2007, the local Somali community started to report that some of the youth in the area had essentially disappeared without warning. It was later learned that 20 young men had left Minneapolis to travel to Somalia to receive training and fight as members of al-Shabaab. One individual had moved to Minneapolis as a teenager in 1993. Following a shoplifting arrest, he fell into the violent street gang called the “Somali Hot Boyz”. After a short period of time, he emerged as a recruiter for al-Shabaab which eventually led him to leave Minneapolis for the Horn of Africa in 2008. Later, it was learned this individual was killed in fighting between al-Shabaab and Somali government forces.”

    As recently as September 2013, it was announced that Federal authorities had been forced to “step up efforts to deport Somalis on Minnesota criminal court rolls.”

    According to the Star-Tribune,
    the “federal government is engaging in an aggressive effort to deport Somali immigrants who run afoul of US law, after refraining for years from shipping people back to a country wracked by civil war and lacking a functioning government.

    “The policy change affects more than 3,100 Somali nationals who have received final orders for removal from the United States since 2001, either because of violations of immigration law or criminal convictions. That includes 435 people who were ordered removed from the immigration court in Bloomington, representing 13 percent of all such Somali cases in the country’s 52 immigration courts.

    “Until recently, they had been allowed to remain in this country despite the removal orders, living in a legal limbo, wearing ankle bracelets or under requirements to check in periodically with authorities.”

    The Somali links to terrorism are also well-established, with the US’s first nonwhite Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, confirming in 2012 that the East African affiliate of Al-Qaeda was actively recruiting from the Somali community in Minnesota.

    Of course, in by now standard practice, Ellison implied that whites were to blame for the Somali tendency to terrorism, claiming that “lack of integration into American society—caused by high unemployment and the expense of higher education—has made Somali-American youths more vulnerable to terrorist
    recruitment. “

    Ellison demanded that white Americans give even more money to the Somalis in order to stop the tendency towards terrorism, saying that “It’s important that we make sure that there [are] jobs, education, opportunity for Somali-American youth so that they will be able to say ‘no’ to these kinds of recruitments.”

    The story of Somalis in America has proven once again that changing the environment of Third Worlders has not stopped them being Third World—as if race and culture could be discarded like an overcoat at immigration control.
    *In August, Doctors Without Borders announced it was shutting down in Somalia after years of attacks on its staff members.
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    Truly, I wish we could send them to live with the Clintons and all the church people that thought this was a good idea.

    A church, any church, should not be in the business of relocating people for the American government.

    Maybe it's time the American people bring lawsuit against these churches who are taking money for doing these dastardly things to this country. Maybe it's time Americans make the churches responsible for these people.

    I don't think the American people have a clue just how many people and organizations are working against us and our country.

    And they are trying to make us think Russia is harming us. We don't need foreigners, we have enough Americans willing to destroy it.

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