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    Some upset wih articles on illegal aliens who commit crimes

    [Shelbyville Times-Gazette]
    Shelbyville, Tennessee ~ Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    I've got mail!

    While this writer has gotten a ton of favorable comment about my weekly columns, there are, of course, critics of my opinions. It's just part of the business. Not everyone is going to agree on a particular topic, that is a given.

    With that in mind, I feel I need to respond to criticism of one of my recent pieces which deals with illegal immigrants who commit murders, rapes and robberies because they are not deported the first time they are caught.

    Someone named "jose" sent a message to my co-workers and I on this and since he left no return address, I'll just respond to his concerns here. I have not altered any of his message:

    Why is it, that every time you got a story to write, Mr. Mosley, it alwayas makes hispanics look bad.

    I'm not making any group of people look bad. That is done by their own actions.

    Every time i read your stories you always talk about "ALL" of the immigrants as been criminals and bad people.

    Not true. If someone comes here legally and goes through the proper channels, follows the laws of this country, they shouldn't have a problem at all. This isn't hard to understand. I have Hispanics in my family and they came here legally.

    I have been living here in shelbyville for 13 years. I have never been to jail or been in trouble with the law.

    That is great to hear!

    I am a hard worker and i only want to give my family the best there is out there. Mr. Mosley if you think thats a sin or it's something against the law, then i guess you are a crimanal as well me.

    That would all depend. Do you break the law to support your family? Did you enter this country illegally to do so? That's the problem that I and many people that were born and raised here have a problem with. It is also the problem that many Hispanics that came here legally have a problem with as well. The actions of those who continuously break the law reflect badly on the law abiding.

    If you consider me a criminal for just trying to give my family and my self a better life here in this great country i guess you can call me a criminal, but there's one thing that i hope; that you will never find your self in the same position as many of the people that come to america looking for a better life to give to their families.

    When my checking account runs low, I don't knock over First National to "give my family a better life." The ends do not justify the means, but apparently many seem to think that they do.

    when will you understand that not everyone is the same. If you had any idea of what it's like suffering through the desert heat or suffering through thirst for almost two to three day you would understand.

    I don't get this. Does Jose mean that just because someone is suffering, that totally justifies breaking the laws of this country?

    I THINK THAT YOU ARE JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Most of the people that come here come for different reason. Some come because their kids are dying of hunger others because their moms are in need of medications and they don't have sufficent funds. Some come because there is simply no work.

    Unfortunately, it's like this in a lot of places on this planet. But that doesn't mean America is responsible for every single person that has a hard time. Why do people think they have a right to enter our country without permission whenever they feel like it? If my family is having a struggle, would it be OK for me to break into your place and take what they need? No, it would not, but that is the attitude we are seeing more and more: As long as someone is "suffering," anything that is done is perfectly justified.

    If the americans wanted too they could take hispanic jobs away whenever they felt like but they don't do it because they can't work like hispanics because they are used to easy going work.

    I'll have to agree with you on this one. Lately, we HAVE gotten too fat and lazy.

    I would for your next story not to criticize hispanics the way you have been doing. Don't put everyone on the same boat when they are not all fisherman.

    Jose, you miss the whole point of the column, which was talking about murderers, rapists, drunk drivers and other wonderful characters who are not suppose to be here in the first place ... but end up harming and killing innocent people.

    It is about putting into place a method to detect those criminals who came here illegally and to make sure they don't have the chance to get back out and harm someone else.

    Unfortunately, Jose focuses on the race of the people in question instead of their actions, which is what many are concerned with. Take a look at the police blotter. It is the same names and charges, over and over and over. For some, a trip to the county jail gives them the time to catch up with old friends.

    A while back, David Melson and myself were both accused of being racist because we both pointed out in separate columns about the dangers of heavy drinking that was going on with members of this particular ethnic group. We were not talking about race, but their dangerous actions. David and I are poles apart when it comes to politics, but we totally agree on this point.

    Also, take a look at this report we got today. If it turns out that this guy had been in jail before and was let out instead of being deported, how is this going to make the victim feel? The sheriff told me that he is worried that he is going to let a repeat offender out and he will kill someone. That is what the column was focusing on. Not race.

    Bedford County needs the 287[g] system and it needs it now

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    Illegals and crime

    Hi, This is the first time I have ever posted a message. I would like to start a web site about illegal aliens and the crimes they have done. If people see how many and the horrible crimes they commit it might wake them up to the major problem we are having with these illegals.
    Can you point me in the right direction.

    Art Skill

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    Please note that V-Dare writer started tracking crime stories by aliens/open borders with her website;
    Also,outraged Patriots does a good job of posting criminals and covers crime as well.
    I am planning on passing out flyers in the Houston area with a high profile case and a reference to Malkin's campaign at
    We need to get many Americans to sign this petition and check out this website to raise awareness.

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