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Thread: Soros Funded Pro-Immigrant Group To Target Waco

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    Soros Funded Pro-Immigrant Group To Target Waco

    July 12, 2014 - 4:12 am

    An email alert was sent out this afternoon from the Detention Watch Network. They plan a protest event tomorrow morning at the Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco, Tx. According to them, this facility is just not quite good enough for the detaining of immigrants due to issues such as a lack of a legal library there, no on site medical facility, etc. However, previous complaints they have made to ICE were not given any validation:

    “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is committed to providing all detainees in our custody with safe detention environments. The Jack Harwell Detention Center meets the applicable ICE detention standards and has successfully passed inspection reviews. Independent detention inspections are conducted by private contractors with extensive corrections experience to ensure quality assurance over the review process, consistency in the application of detention standards, and verification of corrective actions, if any. ICE is open to discussing any concerns with our partnering agencies regarding the detainees housed at their facilities.”

    Their headline suggests that this is just the beginning of a highly orchestrated national effort:

    Event is Part of Nationwide Actions to Stop the Immigrant Lock-up Quota and Immigrant Detention

    This well financed email campaign was sent out from someone at Fitzgibbon Media, a progressive <acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym> firm. Seems costly for another “grassroots” movement, but this is no low budget group. Sponsored by Soros’ Tides Foundation and sharing the same floor at a Washington DC office building with Jim Wallis’ Sojourners and Fund for the Republic (a Lawrence Lessig/Mark McKinnon related effort to get their campaign finance reform back in place), this movement comes from the same place as all the rest.

    Members of the Detention Watch Network include the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Ctr., Ella Baker Ctr. for Human Rights among others.

    According to this linked report, they also report their findings directly to the UN.

    Back in March, another story came out from Aaron Klein on the Detention Watch Group, describing the meeting between their illegal immigrant director, Catalina Nieto, her Code Pink delegation and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. She has been illegally employed here for many years. In addition to her previous years working under Soros sponsored organizations, it is interesting to note the previous relationship with Jim Wallis as well. We must also keep in mind that Wallis represents the Evangelical Immigration Table we have exposed previously. Klein reports:

    Nieto was a national grass-roots organizer at Witness for Peace, which claims to support “peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas.” The group was founded by Rev. Jim Wallis’ socialist Sojourners group.

    As we continue to find so many orchestrated moves and intertwined groups involved in the massive flood of immigrants deluging our borders, it would be hard to conclude that this has not been a preplanned event on a massive scale. The Detention Watch Network, with help from just about everyone on the Left, has made it clear that they have nationwide plans in store. But this is just one of their many groups. Who else can we expect to see manipulating us?
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Sponsored by Soros’ Tides Foundation and sharing the same floor at a Washington DC office building with Jim Wallis’ Sojourners and Fund for the Republic (a Lawrence Lessig/Mark McKinnon related effort to get their campaign finance reform back in place), this movement comes from the same place as all the rest.
    Follow The Money -- The Political Left's Backers
    The Tides Foundation deserves to be investigated under the RICO Act.

    The Tides Foundation, which is not a foundation but a public charity, funnels money from guilt-ridden rich folks to left and far-left activist causes.

    From the donor's perspective, Tides serves as a beard. It hides the true donor-recipient relationship, which, if revealed, would be an embarrassment to the donor.

    From the recipients perspective, Tides serves as a legal and tax-exempt umbrella for a wide variety of leftist, "social change" groups that could never hope to pass the IRS’s tests on their own.

    Tides makes a ton of money in the process, taking an 8 percent fee on all monies transferred as pure profit. (The same profit as the evil oil companies).
    The guys at have an in-depth dossier on the Tides Foundation.Among the most unbelievable “projects” of the Tides Center is something called the Institute for Global Communications ( IGC is a clearinghouse for Leftist propagandists of all stripes, including living-wage advocates, anti-war protesters, slave-reparations hucksters, and a wide variety of extreme environmentalists.

    The Foundation is also a member organization of the International Human Rights Funders Group, that is a network of more than seventy grant-makers who are solely dedicated to financing leftwing groups and causes.

    Immediately after 9/11, the Tides formed a "9/11 Fund" to advocate a "peaceful national response." That fund was replaced by the "Democratic Justice Fund," financed by George Soros' Open Society Institute. George Soros has given more than $7 million to Tides over the years. In a quid pro quo, the Tides Foundation is a major funder of the Shadow Party, a devious name for a George Soros' nationwide network of several dozen unions, non-profit activist groups and think tanks whose agendas are ideologically to the left.

    Tides and the Tides folks have established dozens of front organizations -- all dedicated to funneling monies to the leftist of the left.

    Drummond Pike ~ President

    Drummond Pike, the Foundation's President, was born in San Rafael, California in 1948. He attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he majored in political science and gained notoriety as an anti-Viet Nam War protester. He was selected as campus representative to the Board of Regents during his senior year in 1969, where he was known as an aggressive student-power advocate.

    In 1970, young activists from the Ford Foundation's Center for Community Change set up The Youth Project in Washington, DC, with Pike as an associate director. It was a pass-through funding group (and Tides prototype) of rich young heirs who financed anti-capitalist activists.

    Pike, who has been quoted saying, "I can hide any amount of money I want and you can't find it," is a very busy fellow. In addition to the Tides Foundation, Pike has established the Tides Center, and the Tsunami Fund. He also serves as President of Highwater, Inc., a real estate venture and historic preservation effort in the San Francisco Presidio National Park.

    Pike and his wife live in an ocean-view home in affluent Mill Valley, just across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. They also own a million-dollar chalet near Donner Summit in Truckee, California.

    Melissa Lynn Bradley ~ Director

    Melissa Lynn Bradley, a Marxist economist, is founder and president of the New Capitalist, which provides business development strategy and capitalization assistance to emerging and social entrepreneurs and claims an annual investor return rate of 25%.

    In 2004, George Soros' organization, The Open Society Institute (OSI), selected Melissa L. Bradley as a Soros Justice Fellow (Surprise! Surprise!) Her charter is to investigate the feasibility and viability of creating entrepreneurial ventures specifically for formerly incarcerated persons.

    She also founded The Entrepreneurial Development Institute -- an international NGO focused on social change, economic development and community empowerment.

    Melissa currently holds board positions with Georgetown University African American Advisory Board (Chair), LISTEN, Inc. (Co-Chair), Social Venture Network (Co-Chair, Finance), Greyston Foundation and Tides Foundation. She is a Founding Member of The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership and serves on the Investment Review Committee for the Independent Press Association’s Revolving Loan Fund.

    Joanie Bronfman ~ Director

    Joanie Bronfman is a member of the Bronfman family, one of the most influential families in the world via its fortune made in the alcoholic distilled beverage business during the 20th century through the family's Seagram Company, is a long-time advocate for social justice and donor activism.

    Bronfman is the Associate Dean of the Family Office Exchange Learning Center and a consultant and speaker on issues of wealth. Joanie serves on the boards of Tides Canada and the Threshold Foundation, where she was a founder of Threshold's Social Justice Committee.

    Bottoms up!

    Elouise Cobell ~ Director

    A great granddaughter of Mountain Chief, one of the legendary Indian leaders of the West, Ms. Cobell is the Executive Director of the Native American Community Development Corporation a non-profit affiliate of Native American Bank. She also served as Chairperson for the Blackfeet National Bank, the first national bank located on an Indian reservation and owned by a Native American tribe. Ms. Cobell was one of its lead organizers of the bank and was instrumental in the formation of the Blackfeet Reservation Development Fund, Inc. Her work on the Individual Indian Monies Trust Correction and Recovery Project has won admiration by many. This is a project to reform the U.S. Government's management of Individual Indian Trust Assets.

    Ms. Cobell is a recipient of the 1997 "Genius Grant" from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation's Fellowship Program. In 2005 she received a "Cultural Freedom Fellowship" from the Lannan Foundation, an award that cited her persistence in bringing to light the government's "more than a century of government malfeasance and dishonesty" with the Indian Trust. In 2007 she was one of ten people given the AARP Impact Award (for making the world a better place) and in 2004 The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development presented her with the Jay Silverheels Achievement Award.

    Ms. Cobell's professional, civic experience and expertise includes serving as Co-Chair of Native American Bank, NA., a Board Member for First Interstate Bank, a Trustee of the National Museum of the American Indian, as well as a member of other boards. Ms. Cobell served for thirteen years as the Treasurer for the Blackfeet Indian Nation in Montana.

    Quinn Delaney ~ Director

    Quinn Delaney is the Chair of the ACLU of Northern California (need we say more).

    Delaney is also Director of the Akonadi Foundation, which gives grants to nonprofit organizations working toward eliminating racism. She also supports the work of civil rights and youth organizations through her Donor Advised Fund at Tides Foundation and as Chair of the Board of Directors of Resourceful Women.

    Currently, the Akonadi Foundation, including the Themis Fund, accepts full grant proposals by invitation only. They will not accept any unsolicited grant proposals. They already know where the money is going.

    In June 2, 2007, Quinn Delaney will be throwing a time for Barack Hussein Obama at her home in Piedmont, CA. -- the invitations come complete with instructions on how the invitee can contribute $4,600 to the Obama for President Campaign. These people are all about the money.

    Andrea Kydd, Director

    Andrea Kydd, another gift from the Carter Administration, has been at Nathan Cummins since 1989 and currently directs the health program at the Foundation. In addition, she serves on the Board of Directors of the following organizations: the Discount Foundation, the Fund for State Strategies, the Tides Foundation, and the Tides Center. Before joining the staff at Nathan Cummins, Andrea was Executive Director of the Youth Project, a national organization that managed the philanthropy of a number of wealthy individuals and provided fundraising, organizational development, and technical assistance, as well as small grants, to citizen groups addressing a wide range of social and economic justice issues.

    During the Carter Administration, she directed the mid-Atlantic region of ACTION, the federal agency that administered VISTA and the Older American Volunteer programs. In the 1960's, Andrea was an organizer for the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO).

    john a. powell, Director ~ Lawyer, civil rights and National Legal Director of the ACLU

    john a. powell, a nationally recognized authority on civil rights and civil liberties, teaches at the University of Minnesota Law School and is founder and Executive Director of the Institute on Race and Poverty. He has taught law at Columbia, Harvard, University of Miami, and University of San Francisco, and has served as National Legal Director of the ACLU. john also serves on the board of the Poverty & Race Research Action Council.

    And do you believe the conceit of the lower case spelling of his name?

    Wade Rathke, Director ~ Chief Organizer of ACORN

    Wade Rathke is Chief Organizer of the New Orleans-based Local 100 of the Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO. He is also founder and Chief Organizer of ACORN, a national network of community organizations representing the interests of low and moderate income people. ACORN is best known for its repeated violations of federal and state election laws.

    Wade serves on the boards of both Tides Foundation and Tides Center.

    Anthony Romero, Director ~ Openly gay executive director of the ACLU

    Anthony Romero is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union-the first Latino and openly gay man to lead the organization. He previously led Ford Foundation's Human Rights and International Cooperation Program and served as a Program Officer for Civil Rights and Racial Justice. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the New York State Bar Association.

    Charles C. Savitt, Director ~ Environmentalist

    Charles C. Savitt is President and Publisher of the Center for Resource Economics/ Island Press, which he started in 1984 in order to provide the environmental community with the latest informational tools to address the multidisciplinary nature of environmental problems. He is also a director of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation.

    Joel Solomon, Director ~ Venture Capitalist

    Joel Solomon is President of Renewal Partners seed capital firm and the Endswell Foundation, both focused on a conservation economy in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a founding Board member of Tides Canada, former President of the Threshold Foundation, and a founding member of the Social Venture Network.

    Robin Wolaner ~ Director

    Used to work at Penthouse.

    The Tides Foundation contributes to:

    a. radical environmentalism
    b. the exclusion of humans from public and private wild-lands
    c. the anti-war movement
    d. the banning of firearms ownership
    e. abolition of the death penalty
    f. access to government-funded abortion-on-demand
    g. radical gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender advocacy

    Tides also set up:

    1. Peace Strategies Fund (appeasement)
    2. Iraq Peace Fund, (which has granted money to groups like
    3. Arab-American Action Network (right for illegals/supports PLO)
    4. Physicians for Social Responsibility
    5. United for Peace and Justice and Center for Constitutional Rights (A pro-Castro group)
    6. A Better Way Project (which coordinates anti-war protests)
    7. United for Peace and Justice (anti-war protestors)
    8. Win Without War Coalition (appeasement)
    9. Keep America Safe Campaign.(appeasement)

    Groups that have received Tides money:

    1. ACORN Institute (anti-American)
    2. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (protects radical Islam)
    3. Amnesty International (Pro-terrorist)
    4. Border Action Network (Illegal alien assistance)
    5. Democracy Now! (Socialist anti-American group)
    6. Earthjustice (eco-terrorists)
    7. Environmental Defense (eco-terrorists)
    8. Human Rights First
    9. Human Rights Watch
    10. MADRE (Illegal alien assistance)
    11. Mexican American Legal Defense/Education Fund (Illegal alien assistance)
    12. Mexico Solidarity Network (Illegal alien assistance)
    13. NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation (abortionists)
    14. National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (pro-criminal)
    15. National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (pro-criminal)
    16. Nonviolent Peaceforce (appeasement)
    17. People for the American Way (Socialist/Communist)
    18. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (terrorists)
    19. Proteus Fund
    20. Ruckus Society (domestic terrorists)
    21. Rockefeller Family Fund
    22. Project Vote (vote buying for Democrats)
    23. Sojourners (Communist group in Central America)

    Grants received by Tides from the U. S. Government (1997 - 2001):

    1. $395,219 from the Department of Interior
    2. $3,350,431 from the Environmental Protection Agency
    3. $3,487,040 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development
    4. $208,878 from the Department of Agriculture
    5. $39,550 from the Department of Energy
    6. $93,500 from the Small Business Administration
    7. $10,986 from the Department of Health and Human Services
    8. $84,520 from the Centers for Disease Control

    Over $7 million of taxpayer money funneled into leftist causes
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    "Who else can we expect to see manipulating us?", the article closes with. Are their choices? I've felt for decades that ALL of America has manipulated me and/or stood against my principles. Today, I can at least be grateful for organizations like Alipac, NumbersUSA, and Fair.

    Now if only a political party existed that seemed principled, as well as committed to Americans, I could add a victory to my short list of meaningful accomplishments! If we do not protect and preserve what we are freely given, we will not be given more, nor do we deserve more.

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