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    Southern agents are busier than ever with illegal immigrants

    Video at the source link.

    Posted: May 03, 2013 4:30 PM PDT Updated: May 03, 2013 4:34 PM PDT
    By Greg Groogan

    In South Texas they are pouring across the border drawn by the promise of an amnesty style immigration package now considered probable on Capitol Hill.

    In just the first three months of 2013 apprehensions of the undocumented in the Rio Grande Valley have nearly tripled and Border Patrol agents concede thousands have made it through.

    "The basic goal is to be here when immigration reform happens," said Rick Sindelar of the Center for International Studies at St. Thomas University.

    Sindelar believes of potential amnesty is clearly out across the globe and the number of illegal crossings is almost certain to escalate.

    "If you're here, you can probably make it good. If you are there, you are stranded and you have to wait for the next one and everyone wants to be on this bandwagon, not on the next one in another 20 years," said Sindelar

    "Unfortunately some people are going to try to use this news to try and derail immigration reform," said Carlos Duarte, Texas Director of Mi Familia Vota .

    Duarte insists anyone who can't prove they were here before 2012 would not qualify under the current proposal in the U.S. Senate.

    "That means anyone coming into the country after that would not be able to benefit from any legalization or path to citizenship," said Duarte

    But Sindelar says recent immigration history has proven there are plenty of ways around so called "cut-off" dates, which in his experience, offer little deterrent to those determined to come and stay.

    "If they can physically get over here and get ready they can come up with all sort of documentation that's false, that's found all over town and they simply take that into the government. They may have come last week, but it shows they came in 1997," said Sindelar, who supports reform, but sees the Senate "Gang of 8" proposal as flawed.
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    I suppose it is more difficult to be required to ignore a freight car full than it is to ignore the one riding a wheelbarrow.

    Lots of unrest.

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