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    SPLC must add itself to its list of anti-immig. hate groups

    February 11, 2008
    The Southern Poverty Law Center Must Add Itself To Its List Of "Anti-Immigrant Hate Groups"
    From Peter Gadiel

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has grabbed a very lucrative and seemingly permanent seat on the fundraising gravy train by smearing organizations it claims are "anti-immigrant hate groups."

    But recently the SPLC itself attacked an immigrant ethnic minority using the exact same language which, when used by other organizations, it denounces as hate speech and proof that they are nativist "hate groups." The SPLC is going to have to add itself to its list of hate groups!

    SPLC’s modus operandi for fundraising based on smear is simple, dishonest and vicious. It assumes for itself the authority to define what is a "hate group." It broadens that definition to include political speech—any viewpoint that doesn’t strictly adhere to the SPLC’s Politically-Correct party line. It adds these groups to a list which already includes the Klan, neo-Nazis, etc in order make the list seem credible and to affirm dissenters’ guilt by associating them with those that legitimately qualify as “hate groups
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    This is too logical ... must be some sort of mistake!
    Someone telling it like it REALLY is! Seeing the ludicrous and inconguity and speaking out against it ...
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    Thanks to Mr. Gadiel for writing this article. Me makes some great points in it.
    Of course, owing to his involvement and experience as one of the families directly affected in the terror attacks of 9/11, he instantly gains my attention and respect.

    Also, on a similar track here, I remember from the Dobbs-Murguia interview when Janet recounted comments by various people (many claimed to be from reporters working for CNN/Dobbs' show) where a someone (it might not even have been one of the reporters I refer to) referred to groups of illegals as 'swarms' - as in 'swarms of people were moving....' - sort of thing. She claimed this was blatant hate speech.
    ...Now, fast forward to this afternoon, when I was listening to an NPR program about people in a developing country. The reporter in that piece referred to large groups of persons as 'swarms'. Where was LaRaza to denounce this obvious hate speech????
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