Americans finally had enough of the federal government’s refusal to protect our Southern border

States and Cities Rejoining the United STATES of America

By Sher Zieve
Thursday, May 20, 2010

With all of the anti-human and anti-American legislation being forced upon us by the current totalitarian regime occupying what was formerly our White House in Washington D.C., something wonderful is happening in the rest of our country. Following the lead of one of the most courageous, to date, State leaders—Arizona Governor Jan Brewer—the STATES that comprise the USA have finally had enough of the federal government’s refusal to protect our Southern border and, seemingly, the Obama syndicate.

As Obama and the New Marxist Democrat Party continue to work feverishly to dismantle OUR country and turn it even more into ObamaLand, the real United states of America are working to rejoin and reestablish it.

While Obama’s new B.F.F. Mexican President Calderon lectures the American people and the US Congress about the US State of Arizona being against human [Mexican] rights, as Arizona attempts to protect itself from the invading hordes Calderon has encouraged to leave Mexico and travel to El Norte, he tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that his own police demand papers from those they suspect of being illegals in Mexico and routinely ship said illegals back to their own countries. Note: Interestingly, none of the ObamaMedia has seemed to report on this. Only Rush Limbaugh seems to have the audio of the interview, which he played on his Thursday program.

One who thinks must surmise that Obama gave Calderon the speech to read in payment for his State dinner. Even worse, however, were the Marxist Democrat Congress members who gave Calderon a standing ovation, as he addressed them and slapped the USA. Again, we believe. under Obama’s tutelage.

The above is just an example of how We-the-People are being manipulated and lied to daily by the Usurper, his Czars, Congress and no even another country’s president! Each day they make their seizure of the USA more evident. And as our US Senators and Representatives seem scared to death of them—both parties, Obama is now increasing his “rule by fiat