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Thread: Steve King: We Are ‘Borrowing Money from China to Buy Plane Tickets to Fly These Ille

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    Steve King: We Are ‘Borrowing Money from China to Buy Plane Tickets to Fly These Ille

    Steve King: We Are ‘Borrowing Money from China to Buy Plane Tickets to Fly These Illegal Aliens’ Across America

    7 Apr 2018

    “We are essentially borrowing money from China to buy plane tickets to fly these illegal aliens who are sneaking into America,” said Rep. Steve King (R-IA) during a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and guest host Frances Martel.

    King described how those in the 1,500 caravan traveling from Central America to the U.S. via Mexico are challenging American sovereignty and exploiting humanitarian refugee laws.

    King said, “When we’re in a situation where you have an invading army — mostly unarmed — but an invading army of 1,500 that starts off 1,500 miles away and says, ‘We are marching to America. We’re going to sneak into the country. We’re going to storm her borders, and once we set foot on U.S. soil, they have to treat us as asylees.’ And they’ve all been trained to say all the right words: ‘I fear going back to my home country because I have a credible fear that I’ll be killed if I go back home.’”

    Dale Wilcox, executive director and general counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), similarly described what he said were the “magic words” migrants used with U.S. officials upon reaching American soil.

    Wilcox explained, “They have surely coached them on what to say. The magic words are, ‘I have a credible fear of persecution in my country,’ and they automatically, under our law, if they have entered the United States and actually make it across the border, they say those magic words, and then they must be given a credible fair hearing by an immigration law judge. So it is disturbing what’s going on and how our system is being abused.”

    King blamed Democrats for passing a law vulnerable to exploitation by migrants disingenuously posturing as refugees.

    King said, “There was a really foolish law that was slipped in in the dark of the night. The Democrats went down to the floor some years ago after everybody went to the airport and slipped it in by unanimous consent — House and Senate — that requires that we treat asylees in a fashion that they get a hearing, a lawyer, and, of course, tie up a courtroom and judge, and that hearing date is set when they walk across the Rio Grande River or wade across or float across. It is often longer than a year before the hearing is even scheduled.”

    Illegal aliens are being flown within the U.S. at the taxpayers’ expense, said King. “We are essentially borrowing money from China to buy plane tickets to fly these illegal aliens who are sneaking into America and declaring credible fear to all of the 50 states in the Union, including Hawaii and Alaska. That’s how bad this is.”

    King also noted a recent rise in illegal crossings through the southern border. He said, “The numbers have accelerated dramatically. I went down to McAllen, Texas, last October, and they showed us how there had been a reduction in those crossings, but it’s back to the old numbers again, and it’s been getting greater.”

    King called for reform to existing refugee admission laws. “So one thing we need is, we need to change the statute that was slipped in in that dark of the night so that we can immediately deport those who come to America illegally back to the country that they came from, their last country before they stepped into the United States; that would be Mexico in most cases,” claimed King. “We need to do it boldly and abruptly.”
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    Deport them by BUS over the FIRST border they illegally crossed.

    If they flew in...put them on Military transport to the nearest base of their home country.

    Our military transport fly all over the World all the time.

    Get them out the cheapest way possible to the FIRST border they illegally crossed.

    Cut off all foreign aid...and quit forcing us to pay to deport these illegals AND give them foreign aid on top of that!!!
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    Representative King, have you introduced a bill to repeal that "dark of night" unanimous consent that did this? Why don't Republicans stick around after everyone has left and do the same thing to repeal it? If DemoQuacks could do it to pass it, then Republicans ought to be clever enough to do the same thing to repeal it. Right?! I don't know any Republican that could vote against that and be re-elected. But if you all don't fix this, there's a good chance many of you won't be re-elected.

    Isn't it great to start hearing about all these little secret bad deals years after the fact because Trump tweeted about it? Anyone who wants him to stop tweeting either doesn't know what he's doing because they aren't reading his tweets or doesn't want to fix our country.
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    Send all these central americans back to their country - get them outta here! Too bad @ industry wanting cheap labor - pay to American citizens a just wage and you take LESS PROFITS. Yea, cry the blues all the way to the bank with these ungrateful liars yelling "fear": or the sneakers working for cartels. They are all smuggling and we pay for them to exist when they get in. What a bad joke on American citizens that have to foot the bill. Your company makes more money on your greed and we have to pay for them and their anchor babies existence.

    Long ride, over 10 yrs and our politicians can't do a GD thing????? their campaign contributors make sure they don't change a thing.
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    I say if they can hoof it 1500 miles to our border, let them hoof it 1500 miles back to their border. If Mexico/Mexicans could help them on their trip up here, they can help them on their trip home. They obviously have plenty of money to throw at the problem, most of it coming from the U.S. taxpayers.
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    Yes, the remittances to these countries from those already here are very high and the foreign govt's don't want to lose that $$$$$ - mexico for one big time. And if 1/3 of salvadorans now live in USA, surely they don't want them back and lose the remittances. These central american countries have an economy - produce, beaches, solar, etc. China has cut into their clothing mfg and china imports just too much STUFF, that needs to stop - they make JUNK.

    mexico wants as many hispanics as possible to usurp our immigration laws - the more easier to overtake USA and claim it as theirs. They are gaining rapidly too. Almost 6 million anchor babies too. All waiting to be of age to claim their parents lawfulness to live in USA.

    Tom Cruise in the movie American Made, dated & racey, depicting the Bobby Seal scenario is worth watching, a small glimpse of central america realities.
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    Those people should be given no court appearances or any other special consideration. I don't care what kinds of sob stories they have. Under no circumstances should they be allowed to set a foot on American soil. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH CODDLING ALL THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS!!
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