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Thread: Steve Scalise Tells Illegal Immigrants To ‘Get In Line Like Everybody Else’

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    Steve Scalise Tells Illegal Immigrants To ‘Get In Line Like Everybody Else’

    Posted By Nick Givas On 9:05 AM 01/30/2018

    Republican Congressman Steve Scalise told illegal immigrants to “get in line” and wait their turn as Congress works to secure the southern border, Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

    “We always forget America has the most generous immigration laws already. We let a million people in our country legally. Get in line like everybody else,” Scalise said. “And I think that’s a really good answer. You can stay here while you are doing it.”

    Host Brian Kilmeade said allowing illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship could compromise border security.

    “This is where the negotiation starts,” Scalise replied. “Obviously we’ve got differences on both sides. But let’s come together. We’re not that far apart believe it or not. There is a deal to be made. President Trump wants to get this worked out.”

    Scalise said immigration reform must begin with border security and the construction of a wall, before Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) can be addressed.

    “Let’s start seeing if we can get a consensus on everything from border security and it has to start with border security and building the wall,” he said. “And then addressing the DACA population and everything in between.”
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    Boot them OUT

    They cannot stay here!

    More will come

    Start turning them away at the border!!!


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    No Congressman Scalise. It is wrong to say they can stay here. How can you enforce immigration laws if you tell those illegally here they can stay and we are not targeting you. They need to leave and to know they can be deported just for being here illegally. Encourage them to leave. Why do illegal aliens get to flaunt our laws and then get special treatment while doing so? How can you go after employers or individuals if you send mixed signals and make carve outs?

    Example - Why should thousands of illegal aliens be allowed to be teachers in America? Let them teach in their countries. These are not jobs Americans won't do. You are encouraging the replacement of Americans by illegal foreign citizens. The president said "Hire Americans."
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