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Thread: Stop Boehner Stop Amnesty - Eric Gurr for Congress‎

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    Stop Boehner Stop Amnesty - Eric Gurr for Congress‎

    H2 Note: This is not a plug for Eric Gurr, but his singling John Boehner out does indicate the worm has now turned on John Boehner's step-by-step, piecemeal amnesty agenda as the GOP Chairman.

    Kudos to Eric Gurr, and best of luck. You are going to need it if you are going up against the globalist, underhanded, cutthroat, backstabbing Republican leadership.

    We can hope.


    Immigration Reform and Amnesty

    We hear a constant drum beat from the left. The immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed. This is false. The immigration system is fine. The problem is the laws were never enforced and the border never secured. Before granting amnesty or even a path to citizenship the first step should logically be to secure the border. Otherwise we'll be right back in the same situation in another twenty to thirty years..

    This bill as written in the Senate should never be presented in the house. If a majority of the GOP decides they don't want to vote on it the speaker is bound by rule to kill it. This is as it should be.

    There is a golden opportuntiy in this bill to finally embrace the African-American community. In this instance we are on the same side. Amnesty or a path to citizenship is a burden that will fall heaviest on low income working people. This is amplified for black Americans because the bill fundamentally alters Affirmative Action. Newly legalized immigrants are given preference in hiring through this bill. Not only will this negatively affect working class blacks but it will have the same affect on all working class citizens. A rush of new workers fighting over a small pool of available jobs can only lower wages.

    If the bill passes and millions (or even tens of millions) more people are fighting for jobs wages will of course fall. This will have a negative affect on home prices and will probably lead to another large collapse in housing prices. More people chasing homes would normally have a positive affect on housing prices. But in this case the lowering of wages renders this an impossibility. People who make less money cannot pay more for housing.

    Where does John Boehner stand on the immigration reform issue?

    The truth is we really don't know. It was troubling to see Speaker Boehner on Face the Nation say that the issue was, "Not about me."

    Perhaps not. But if he is not speaking for his consituents in SouthWest Ohio who is?
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    Sounds so much better to my ears than that Globalist traitor doublespeak that comes out of John Boehner's mouth all the time!

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