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    Stop offering incentives and illegal aliens will stop coming ... letter.txt

    Opinion > Letters To Editor

    Jimmy Carter literally gave away the Panama Canal. Our government, especially George W. Bush, are giving the United States of America to Mexico. Farmers who hire illegals - take their land. Companies who hire illegals - shut them down. No free health insurance, jobs, higher education, and birth right. No incentives - then why would they come? This is something our government can't possibly comprehend.

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    The politicians won't remove the incentives because they're afraid of losing the Hispanic vote if they do.

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    They use the "Hispanic vote" for cover.. They support illegals to do the bidding for their real masters big business and investor class elites.
    Another myth, they have compassion for those poor people!
    Compassion starts at home and if they don't care about American workers then why should we believe they care about illegal foreigners?
    It's all about money and greed!

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