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    Subordinating Immigration to Foreign Policy

    National Review Online
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    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Subordinating Immigration to Foreign Policy [Mark Krikorian]

    DHS announced today that the process leading to visa-free access to the United States has been started for, I kid you not, Bulgaria. Michael Chertoff said "I look forward to the day when we greet the first visa-free travelers from Bulgaria on our soil."

    I don't. First of all, we still don't have a fully implemented entry-exit system, so we don't know whether a visitor actually left when he was supposed to — which means we don't know how many visa overstayers there are. A fully functioning exit-tracking system should be a prerequisite to a visa-waiver program, so that you can remove from the program any country whose people aren't leaving on time. And believe me, Bulgarians wouldn't leave; the country has a lower per capita income than Mexico or Turkey.

    But what it also has is a minuscule contingent of soldiers in the Middle East — 155 in Iraq and 420 in Afghanistan. For that, we're supposed to just grin and bear even more people violating our borders and our sovereignty. This is a consequence of the State Department and other foreign-policy makers viewing the actual territory of the United States as a kind of hinterland or dumping ground, designed to facilitate the pursuit of their goals.

    06/18 08:03 AM

    DHS Announcement: ... ZmMjRmMGQ=
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    these idiots should fired just for the fact that they do not have a clue or a brain.
    We can't deport them all ? Just think of the fun we could have trying!

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    Seems they want to let anyone in here, but I haven't heard of a policy giving Americans the same rights to come and go at will with no accountability.
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    We need Chetoff and Rice fired!!! yesterday....This is one more step to destroying Americans way of life!! This madness has to stop!! Now they have Gas prices taking the spotlight from all of this other stuff. Of course you won't here this in the MSM.
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    With the current cost of air travel they think Bulgarians will come here just for a vacation?? Where are these people's brains?

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