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The "wonerful" DACA kids are not "kids" anymore and they need go home! Many have a criminal record, lied on their applications, or did not finish school. Obama had no right to award them "Deferred" Deportation. "Deferred" is over. Give them notice to go home with their entire family and terminate the work permits. They most certainly should NOT be getting home or auto loans from our banking institutions.

We have got to stop these criminal trespassing illegal aliens and their UACs coming here thinking they are going to get Amnesty #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, or a path to stay. Stop rewarding and start deporting.

DEALS do not work or we would NOT be on Amnesty #8.

They have a "home" to go back to with the relatives they left behind. That is a crock of BULL that they do not "know" their country or speak the language. That is NO basis to allow them to stay. These illegals pour over our border by the thousands to OUR country "they do not know and English they do not speak". Get them out of here and turn them all away at the border.
Unfortunately it looks like Trump isn't willing to enforce existing laws, and congress won't get around to allocating more enforcement budget. The House of Representatives has the "power of the purse" meaning any new enforcement laws or budgets have to pass the heavily democrat leaning house.

Any republican solution must be centered around gaining back control of the House of Representatives or all is lost.