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    Supreme Court Protects Immigrants' Right to Court Review

    The decision not only preserves federal court review as a necessary check on executive powers, but it also affirms the basic principle that immigrants are entitled to fair process.

    Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision ensuring that immigrants facing deportation have fair process in the review of their cases. The Court ruled that individuals who seek to reopen their deportation orders have the right to appeal to the federal courts if the immigration court refuses to reopen the case. The Court’s decision protects immigrants’ access to federal court review and affirms the role of the courts in our system of checks and balances on government power.

    The case, Kucana v. Holder, was brought by an asylum seeker who filed a motion to reopen his removal proceedings because of changed circumstances in his request for asylum. A motion to reopen is a procedural mechanism that allows individuals to present new evidence to an immigration judge. The government denied the motion to reopen, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals (based in Chicago) refused to review the government’s decision. Instead, the Seventh Circuit found that in his case, the government has unfettered discretion over a potentially life and death decision. In yesterday’s decision, the Supreme Court reversed the Seventh Circuit and said that the courts do have authority to review motions reopen.

    In so doing, the Supreme Court acknowledged that a motion to reopen is “an important safeguard intended to ensure a proper and lawful disposition of immigration proceedings.

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    The sign should read, "Don't feed the sharks."

    Just a question for those who have studied biology. If maggots serve a purpose, what is the purpose of a parasite?

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    Does anyone know how many and which justices voted for and against this, and who wrote the Majority Opinion on the ruling?
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