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    Fantastic news! Living where I do the situation is depressing but this news helped indeed.
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    The fact he violated numerous deportation orders and unlawfully returned to the US doesn't give him the right to further violate our laws by being unlawfully here. There should be no statute of limitation for this. I am glad this was a sensible Supreme Court decision but I am afraid as with numerous other detainees he most likely is back in the country.

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    It's about time we had some good news come out of all this.
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    Serves him right, illegal is illegal, I am glad he was deported. The laws do apply to him

    It was their biggest mistake to flaunt their flags and their blatant in our face refusal to adhere to our laws and our country. Now they are paying the price for it. This steam roller is picking up pace, I keep telling myself everyday that the illegal aliens days in this country are numbered. We american citizens do have a say in it regardless of what these pro-illegal groups spout
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