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    Post Sweden Migration Board refused to report sex crimes


    Migration Board refused to report sex crimes

    Published May 31 2016 at 11:41DOMESTIC. According to TV4's "Cold Facts"

    Migration Board neglected to report and investigate sex and violent crimes committed on asylum accommodation.
    Now promises authority amends.

    Many women and girls have been reported to the police incidents that occurred on asylum accommodation Trängslet in Älvdalen Municipality in December 2015 until February 2016. The move including molestation, beatings, death threats and an attempted rape.

    One of the victims, a ten year old girl, says the "hard facts" about how a man tricked her into a room and subjected her to a sexual assault.

    - I was scared. I screamed but no one was there. It felt like he was going to take me again and do the same. I think about it every night. I think of what he did to me, says the girl in the program, which airs tonight.

    According to TV4's audit witnessed by several women subjected to the Migration Board has ignored the abuse to the police or take other action.A manager who interviewed claim that a 16 year old who claimed to have been beaten have given rise to his injuries and an employee waving away an attempted rape as a "small stuff".

    In a press release promises Immigration Service is now investigating the events and improve security for women in Trängslet. The authority assert that they already had to move the people who have been cause insecurity to other places and set up security guards at the accommodation around the clock.

    Migration Board regional manager Magnus Rodin condemn the workers pronounce themselves in "Cold Facts".

    - It is wrong and obviously unacceptable. We will of course take all the information about abuse or other crimes seriously. To express something else is not acceptable. It is the police to investigate and come up in the case of a suspected crime and how to proceed, he said.

    Free Times drew attention in December that asylum seekers in Trängslet matstrejkade and threw food in the bin. This despite the fact that the food they were served costing taxpayers 572 tax per asylum seeker and days.

    - We do not like the food and we want to have Arabic food, complained of asylum seekers in Dalarna Newspapers.


    Migrationsverket vägrade anmäla sexbrott | Fria Tider

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    Why do they hide all this information? The same happens in the US. They won't let us know how many illegals have been arrested and what crimes they have committed. How many are actually on social service. It is a big secret yet citizens information is all over the place. Why is this? Cover ups?

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