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    Sweden: Police don’t believe emergency call as Muslim migrant murders teen and rapes

    Sweden: Police don’t believe emergency call as Muslim migrant murders teen and rapes woman twice


    As Breitbart notes and this SVT report conspicuously fails to mention, Tommie Lindh “was stabbed to death by African migrant Mohamad Abubaker” as he tried to prevent Abubaker from raping his friend in Härnösand.
    Those who received the emergency calls didn’t believe them despite the migrant crime surge, violent no-go zones, and Muslim migrant gangs that have been terrorizing the streets with a surge of bombings and murders, not to mention Sweden’s migrant rape epidemic.
    Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven recently made a U-turn and admitted the connection between mass migration and crime. Still, Swedish police didn’t believe the woman’s emergency phone call and so failed to act quickly enough to stop the rapes or save the life of Tommie Lindh.

    “Fateful mistake of the police – knife attack report was dismissed as ‘unlikely,'” translated from “Polisens ödesdigra misstag – knivlarmet avfärdades som ‘inte troligt,'” SVT, October 26, 2020 (thanks to Breitbart):
    “Please hurry,” the young woman pleaded when she called the police. By then she had just been raped and threatened with death by the knife-wielding rapist. But the operator did not consider the alarm to be probable, according to the incident report that SVT has read.
    It would take an hour and a half before the police patrol arrived. By then she had been raped a second time and her friend was lying dying in the toilet after being stabbed with a knife.
    Today, SVT can publish new information about the notorious Härnösand murder. We have read the incident report that the police alarm center in Umeå prepared in connection with the alarm that was called in by the young woman at 6:38 in the morning. It turned out that the alarm center did not manage to locate the address “Volunteer 1444” that the girl repeated on several occasions during the alarm call.
    Fatal mistake
    It also turns out that the alarm operator confused the address with an adjacent LSS home and came to the fateful conclusion that the young woman is not credible. When the call ended after nine minutes and 40 seconds, the woman had repeatedly asked the police to send a patrol. Then the following was noted in the incident report: “The operator does not consider it very likely”.
    The time was then 6:57 in the morning on 10 May. The alarm did not get the highest priority, and was not prioritized as “urgent” even though there was a knife-wielding man in the apartment who had threatened to kill.
    An attempt was also made by the alarm operator to get in touch with the staff at the LSS accommodation, but that the accommodation had something to do with this was based on a misconception.
    Alarms again
    At 7:35, the young woman called again. The operator could then also talk to her friend, who confirmed that the knifeman was still in the apartment. The friend could not answer the alarm operator’s questions openly because the knifeman was close by, and in the incident report, his “unpleasant mood” is noted.
    At 7:44, a police patrol in Härnösand was ordered to the address. Only now would the local police in Härnösand find out. “We left immediately”, the Härnösand police have told SVT.
    At 7:54, the patrol begins its mission.
    At 8:10, the police arrive at Volontärvägen 14 apartment 44, where they interrupt an ongoing rape and find 19-year-old Tommie Lindh dying in the toilet from his knife injuries. He has been stabbed with two stab wounds just before being discovered.
    The police refuse to comment
    SVT has been in contact with the police to ask questions about how they handled the alarm call. We have been in contact with both the regional command center in Umeå and the central police authority. No one has wanted to comment on the individual incident with reference to the fact that it was reported to the police’s special investigations division for investigation.
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    So sad and disgusting. These people are truly evil and so are our government officials who are allowing them in our countries.

    They are not protecting us. They need to be removed from office and these violent vermin need to be deported.

    Many of these animals are mentally ill due to decades of tribal inbreeding.


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