Tea Party Patriots Cofounder Lashes Out at Republican Field: ‘They’re All Losers’

The Blaze – 6 mins ago

Tonight on Neil Cavuto's show, Tea Party Patriots cofounder Jenny Beth Martin had harsh words for more Presidential candidates than just Barack Obama. In fact, according to Martin, if it came down to Barack Obama vs any of the current Republican contenders, she doesn't know who to pick.

"Nobody is satisfied with the candidates out there," says Martin. "They're all losers."

Her other cofounder, Mark Meckler, doesn't feel any different. "They’ve caved on every single point of principle since the Republican majority has taken over," he says. "It’s not a surprise; it’s disappointing, absolutely. It just shows that the revolution has just begun.”

Watch below:

The discontent expressed by these two leaders in the nascent movement is reflective of wider restiveness on the part of the Tea Party. Since the nomination battle began, Tea Partiers have gravitated from candidate to candidate, refusing only to honor Ron Paul with their attention. Some see the refusal to take a second look at Paul as an oversight, while others argue that Paul hasn't received Tea Party attention because he's too much like the unflattering stereotypical image liberals hold about the Tea Party, or too willing to cede ground on American exceptionalism.

Certainly, the Tea Party Patriots are a group that other Tea Partiers can take a cue from. They helped sponsor Glenn Beck's 9/12 rallies, and helped organize the negative response to Obamacare during the town hall meetings of 2009.

Tea Party Patriots Cofounder Lashes Out at Republican Field: