Texas AG Paxton says Biden's open border policy sends a message to cartels to 'come on in'

Ken Paxton discusses the impact of Mexican cartels at the border and why Gov. Abbott declared them terrorist organizations.

By Charlotte Hazard
Updated: September 22, 2022 - 5:07pm

GOP Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton discusses Gov. Greg Abbott signing an executive order, designating Mexican cartels as domestic terrorists and how Biden needs to do the same.

On Wednesday, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order, designating Mexican cartels as terrorist organizations in order to help keep Americans safe from the fentanyl crisis.

Paxton accused President Joe Biden of having a partnership with the cartels with his open-border immigration policy, resulting in Texas having to take action.

"When Biden said, 'We're not going to deport anybody,' it was a direct message to the cartels," Paxton said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. "He was saying 'you guys can make a lot of money on drugs and on transportation of people.'"

"The border is wide open for drugs," Paxton later said. "So a lot more people dying. All of this is planned. The Biden administration expects it to happen. They know that people are going to die on the way of dehydration, drowning, and being in cars where they get overheated and die. It's all part of the plan."

Paxton also called out the hypocrisy of Democrat areas such as Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts where migrants were flown last week, and were deported to a military base shortly thereafter.

"They're hurting Republican states by imposing all of these social and economic costs on us that we have to pay for without the government's help," Paxton stated. "And as soon as you send a few to a sanctuary city that says they want these people, they complain that it's too costly. They can't take it and they export them either out of Martha's Vineyard or out of Chicago to somewhere else."

Paxton said that these sanctuary areas such as Martha's Vineyard have a lot of resources to take these migrants, but choose not to do so.

"They're one of the most wealthy places in the world and they didn't have room?" Paxton questioned. "President Obama could have fit them on his property just him alone, let alone the rest of the island. They have more resources than most anyplace in America and they couldn't take it for more than 24 hours."

Texas AG Paxton says Biden's open border policy sends a message to cartels to 'come on in' | Just The News