It is time for Bush, Democrats and Republicans to stop H1B visas, illegal immigration, outsourcing and exploitation of graduate foreign students in Universities
Special Correspondent
Jan. 28, 2007

No country has the right to exploit others. No one group of people can exploit others for their own financial benefits. The outsourcing, H1B visas and illegal immigration are equally bad. The illegal immigration helps those small business owners (restaurants, cleaning service and so one). The H1B helps large and medium size businesses in the field of using high tech including healthcare and IT sectors. The abuse of international students by the Universities is equally deplorable.

What is going on is a classic example of depriving basic rights to American citizens – the right to live a decent life in their own country America. It is also associated with human rights abuse of foreign nationals who get lured into the trap of having a better life. They come as H1Bs, foreign students and the illegal aliens. Some stay in their own country and work for outsourcing companies that deliver goods and services to American companies.

There is not much difference between illegal immigration and H1Bs. Both are corporate give outs by the Government to businesses that are inefficient, refused to pay comparable wages, create unfair competition and should go out of business. H1B visa and outsourcing are actually worse than illegal immigration. H1B and outsourcing create unfair wage depression in America – American citizens suffer at the cost of fattening Wall Street profits.

The illegal immigration must be stopped once for all. If a business has to hire illegal immigrants to survive, it should really go out of business because its business model in illegal. If a Government or a political part has to support illegal immigration to stay in power or receive fat political funding, there is a need for a new party that can make the system work ‘for the People’.

Exploitation of graduate foreign students in top American Universities is sad. The professors in Engineering, Computer Science and some other branches stop research after they attain tenure (job permanency). At that point of time they prefer foreign students over American citizens because it is easier to make a foreign students work day and night for some ‘meager’ assistantships. It is case of human rights abuse of alien students and illegal discrimination against the American citizens. The foreign students pursuing Masters and Ph.D are treated in the same way businesses treat illegal immigrants. They do not have a place to go. They will be thrown out of the country if they do not ‘please’ their advising professor and the dissertation committee. Businesses hiring illegal immigrants also know that these illegal aliens have no place to go unless they are illegally employed by the businesses.

If an American citizen is refused admission to Graduate Program in technical fields and foreign nationals in F1 and J1 visas are brought in with free tuition and financial assistance, how can America ever attain self-sufficiency in technical talent pool?

It is shame for any politician that pitches for illegal immigration, H1B and outsourcing. There is a need for thorough audit how the Universities are spending their funds on foreign aliens and discriminating against American citizens.

There is not much difference between H1B visas, illegal immigration, outsourcing and exploitation of graduate foreign students in Universities. All these deprive American citizens of their fundamental rights. All these are sources of basic human rights abuse to the alien workers or students.

It is a shame for businesses to. The fundamental premise of capitalism is prosperity for the best. But that does not include cheating the American citizens.