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    3 1/2 months prison time is not near enough time to pay for human smuggling.Twelve years at hard labor would be about right,but we probably won't even see the 3 1/2 months fully served.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SOSADFORUS
    Quote Originally Posted by azwreath
    Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Anderson said there is no evidence that Ms. Rodriguez knew Mr. Perez was transporting the Chinese immigrants illegally

    Of course not.....the poor woman simply thought it was her husband's bowling league shooting a cruise to pick up some coronas and mandarin after a big win. Easy enough mistake for any of us to make............
    "Wreath" that was to funny, LMAO and my side hurts so bad.... thank you!!


    :lol: You're welcome

    A Hispanic woman arrested in September along with her husband transporting seven Chinese nationals soon will be reunited with her children in Mexico, court officials said Thursday.

    Awwwwww.........a warm and fuzzy family reunion just in time for The Feast of the Three Kings. It's so nice to see families together for the holidays.

    According to an affidavit by federal immigration Agent Mark Eisenbeis, Mr. Perez initially told authorities the occupants were his wife's relatives, but Ms. Rodriguez said she did not know the occupants and was not related to them

    Now this had me rolling on the floor!!!

    She is a devoted mother," Ms. Cory said. "Her children, who are U.S. citizens, have returned to Mexico and are awaiting her there."

    I'm confused. How do U.S. citizens "return to Mexico' or any other country?

    Wouldn't they have "traveled", 'gone", "relocated", or "moved" to?

    To say that they have "returned to" implies that they went back from whence they came......doesn't it?

    Interesting choice of words on the attorney's part, I think.
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