This family was all Mexican Nationals and the son lived in Mexico. The Father was only a "car painter"??? They were living in a large house in a well off neighborhood. The Police are still actually tight lipped if this is all they released.

Published: 08.12.2008

Tucson police: Slain family members — dad, mom, daughter — were shot
By Alexis Huicochea
Three family members found slain in a West Side home were gunned down, according to reports released by the Tucson Police Department.
The victims — a husband, wife, and their 8-year-old daughter — were discovered by the couple’s teenage son July 20 when he became worried after not having heard from them.
The son told police that he spoke with his family at approximately 1 a.m. about them coming to visit him for the day in Sonora, Mexico were he lived, reports said. However, he did not hear from them again later in the morning, and when they did not answer the phone he got a ride to Tucson.
He entered the home and it did not appear to be ransacked, reports said. There was no indication that anything was stolen.
The crime scene was confined to a bedroom where the victims were found covered in blood, according to the reports.
Some neighbors reported hearing loud noises in the early morning hours but did not realize that they were gun shots, reports show.
At least one neighbor said that he woke up at 4:35 a.m. to the sound of gun shots. He also heard a vehicle driving away at a high rate of speed. When he made his way outside he didn’t see anything.
No one called 911 until approximately 7:30 p.m. when the couple’s son ran to a next door neighbor’s house with blood on his hands and said “They murdered my family,