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Thread: 'Total breakdown': Senator investigates latest murder by illegal immigrant

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    'Total breakdown': Senator investigates latest murder by illegal immigrant

    By Pete Kasperowicz • 8/11/15 3:47 PM

    A key Republican senator is demanding that the Department of Homeland Security provide details about the immigration status of two men, including one illegal immigrant, who have been charged with the murder of a California woman.

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said the murder of Marilyn Pharis on July 24 appears to be another example of how DHS is failing to do enough to ensure illegal alien criminals are removed from the country. Pharis' death came just weeks after another illegal immigrant with a criminal record picked up a gun and fired it, killing Kate Steinle in San Francisco.

    In his letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, Grassley noted that local officials in Santa Maria, California, are blaming Washington for Pharis' death.

    "Clearly, there has been a total breakdown in cooperation between local and federal law enforcement that allowed this alleged killer to be released and, despite his lengthy and violent criminal record, never deported," Grassley wrote. "Police Chief Martin said, 'I am not remiss to say that from Washington, D.C., to Sacramento, there's a blood trail into the bedroom of Marilyn Pharis.'"

    Republicans have placed the blame on sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Santa Maria, which purposefully choose not to follow federal requests to hold illegal immigrants with criminal records.

    "Clearly, sanctuary city policies are wreaking havoc on citizens, and especially on women," Grassley said.

    But Grassley said in the latest case, both federal and local officials seem to be at fault. Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez and Jose Fernando Villagomez have been charged with sexually assaulting and killing Pharis, and press reports say Martinez was in the country illegally.

    According to Grassley, Martinez was arrested for driving without a license in 2009, but U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement never sought to detain Martinez. In 2014, after Martinez was arrested again on drug and sexual assault charges, the reverse happened — ICE did ask for him to be held, but the Santa Maria sheriff's office ignored that request.

    To learn more about how Martinez fell through the cracks, Grassley demanded that DHS give the committee the "immigration history, immigration status, and criminal history" for both men, by August 15.

    Grassley is also demanding all information that the federal government had on Martinez, and whether Martinez has applied for deferred deportation status under President Obama's relaxed immigration enforcement program.

    In early July, Johnson dodged a question about whether sanctuary cities were a problem leading to ongoing criminal activity by illegal immigrants, and said only that he was optimistic about "the direction where we are headed."

    (copy of letter can be viewed at the source link below)
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    While blacks are rioting in Ferguson MO over a police self-defense killing of a Black hoodlum, foreigner thugs here illegally are raping and killing our women and even little children. Where are the mass demonstrations, the civil disobedience by American citizens? What a bunch of gutless wimps the White males of America have become. They will not even defend their women.

    There have been repeated efforts to organize mass demonstrations by conservative activists to put pressure on the tyrant Obama, and they have all been big disappointments. Only Glenn Beck with his feel good, kissy face, come to Jesus rallies has had modest success. The same Glenn beck who now trashes a fighter like Donald Trump and used his microphone to bad mouthed and sabotaged earlier conservative efforts for protests demonstration against the Obama despotism. He even sneered, mocked and gloated about the relatively small turn out for the so-called “Operation American Spring” protest in Washington D.C. against Obama. Had it been successful we would not be having all of these rape murders by illegal aliens.

    Apparently Mr. Beck wants to force his peculiar brand of pacifism on the whole conservative movement and neutralize those of us who are trying to actively fight back against the evolving despotism. Mr. Beck is probably partly responsible for the failure of American males to defend their women. But it does not absolve the rest of us from our cowardly inaction.

    Please note that ALIPAC has tried hard to organize protest.
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    Marilyn Pharis's name needs to be known to every single American we can educate!

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