Traffic Accident Leads To More

A young child is apparently run over by her mother in Socorro.

But authorities may have stumbled across more than they had bargained for.

It all happened in the 11500 block of Valle Palomar in Socorro.

Socorro police showed up to the house after a mother allegedly ran over her little girl, only to have possibly found a shed full of illegal immigrants.

According to Socorro dispatch, a young child had been backed over by her mother, while the mother was trying to leave her home.

But a witness, who would not go on camera, told KFOX that Socorro police may have found at least 13 illegal immigrants in a shed.

The El Paso County Sheriff's department said they were not present when that alleged bust may have happened, but they are continuing to investigate the situation where the child was run over.

Sargeant James Belkap with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, "It was discovered that a 14 month old child had been struck by a vehicle while a child was playing in the area. The child was transported to Thomason Hospital."

Socorro police say they do not have an update on the girl's condition.

Meanwhile, when we asked Socorro police about the possible immigrant bust.

They told us they did request help from Border Patrol when they arrived at the home.