19 Sep 2016
Washington, DC

Donald Trump’s campaign is slamming President Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest for saying the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) is just a “war of narratives.”

“When the White House says we are in a ‘narrative fight’ against ISIS just days after a series of apparent terror attacks on U.S. soil we should all be very concerned,” Trump’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller says in a press release, referencing what experts believe to be terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota, which all took place within a 12-hour period.

Miller continued:

"For the U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria who are on the front lines against ISIS, it’s a real fight where we’ve lost real lives. Diminishing the threat the Obama Administration has allowed to materialize on its watch puts us all at risk and is another reminder that we need new leadership in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Hillary Clinton has backed President Obama’s failed ISIS strategy to the hilt, and voters should know whether she too shares the White House’s troubling assessment of the situation."

Miller’s response comes after Earnest joined MSNBC on Monday morning suggesting that the war against ISIS is about narratives.

“In some ways, this is actually just a war of narratives,” Earnest stated. “We want to get out our counter-narrative against ISIL. And we’re having some progress, we’re making some progress.”

Earnest’s comments come after there were bombings in New York City and New Jersey over the weekend, as well as a stabbing in Minnesota.