Trump: Clinton’s 550 Percent Increase Of Syrian Refugees To US Would Be The ‘Great Trojan Horse Of All Time’

Posted By Jonah Bennett On 10:52 PM 10/09/2016 In | No Comments

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday evening Hillary Clinton’s proposal to increase the number of Syrian refugees to the United States by 550 percent would be the “great Trojan horse of all time.”

Trump said Sunday during the presidential debate that his original proposal of a ban on Muslim immigration had morphed to extreme vetting and argued that Clinton’s proposal to flood the U.S. with refugees from Syria would lead to serious national security problems.

“It’s called extreme vetting,” Trump said. “We are going to areas like Syria where they’re coming in by the tens of thousands because of Barack Obama and Hillary,” Trump said, before adding that Clinton is interested in bringing in 550 percent more Syrian refugees than the current figure.

Clinton has previously said she would raise President Barack Obama’s limit of 10,000 refugees to 65,000. She has also stated that these refugees will have to undergo a vetting process.

“This is going to be the great Trojan horse of all time,” Trump said. “We have enough problems in this country. I believe in building safe zones. I believe in having other people pay for them. As an example, the Gulf states who are not carrying their weight but they have nothing but money and take care of people.”

“But I don’t want to have — with all the problems this country has and all of the problems you see going on, hundreds of thousands of people coming in from Syria when we know nothing about them,” Trump added. “We know nothing about their values and nothing about their love for our country.”

Instead, Trump thinks that other states close to Syria, the Gulf states, should do far more to help refugees than they currently are.

“The Gulf states are not carrying their weight, but have lots of money,” Trump said.