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Thread: Trump: Illegal Immigrants ‘Have to Go’

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIPAC View Post
    There is the rub and that is the part of the Trump plan we are going to have to lay down the groundwork to oppose.

    I believe we can support the part about making the illegals leave while opposing the part about bringing them back in rapidly in some kind of Pence Plan Touchback provision some GOP lawmakers have tried to use to bypass current laws before.

    Yes, absolutely. He's wrong on that part of it. There's no reason to let any deported illegal alien back in the country. They need to pack up their US citizen family members who really aren't to begin with if they were born here to illegal aliens and take the whole kit and kaboodle with them, because there is no such thing as a "good" illegal alien. They broke our laws, they sneaked into the country or overstayed a visa, they stole jobs from Americans, they signed up their anchor babies for Medicaid, forced Americans to fund them with health care, education, food and low income housing while the Americans whose jobs they stole suffer or were forced to sign up for welfare they never wanted but had no other choice. They run drugs, they form gangs, they waste our time and money with their lobbying efforts to buy up our politicians, they vote illegally in elections, they commit all types of other crimes, they murder, rape and kill by DUI.

    Therefore, there is no such thing as a "good" illegal alien. Sorry, Trump, but you're dead wrong on this aspect and it's past time you got it right. We'll oppose this part of your plan, which will make you look like a double-talker, something Americans are totally fed-up with, if you don't turn this aspect around and get it straight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiralnotes View Post
    That article is utter nonsense. So who's the ethical person out there we should vote for? Jeb? Hillary? Rubio?
    Haha. And to claim Donald hates immigrants which is a FAR fetch from what illegal aliens are. Illegal aliens are NOT an American value and clearly Americans don't support the illegal invasion other then the political elite and corrupt. Further just because someone wants to reduce legal immigration numbers doesn't mean they are anti immigrant or un-American... infact that would help make them American as they are supporting American interests first.

    Overall Trump may not be the best candidate in the world but out of the entire field who has a chance of winning he's the best chance America has. And as far as to much change to quickly while it will be rough assuming he fixes many of the serious issues there is no other option if we want to pull the country back from the brink of collapse. Some serious changes need to be made and while some people will be crying and whining about losing *theirs* what needs to happen needs to happen and quickly at this point. We don't have 15-20 years to *slowly* change things. Also with a strong President who makes the right choices rather then the popular ones 4 years might be all they get because we know their will be an uproar soon as the entitled lose out.
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