Friday, May 4, 2018 07:44 AM
By: Sandy Fitzgerald

President Donald Trump early Friday tweeted a call for a wall at the nation's southern border and a complaint that Mexico is "doing little to help."

Donald J. Trump

Our Southern Border is under siege. Congress must act now to change our weak and ineffective immigration laws. Must build a Wall. Mexico, which has a massive crime problem, is doing little to help!
3:22 AM - May 4, 2018

On Thursday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection saw just a slight increase overall in April when compared to March, but jumped by 223 percent when compared to April 2017.

CNN, however, notes that the news came while the Trump administration claims there is a crisis at the border, because of a jump in March and through comparing numbers to those posted last April, when crossings were unusually low.

According to the administration's report, illegal border crossings in April 2017 were at a low of 15,766, compared to 48,502 in April 2016 and 50,902 this year.

Trump's tweet also comes while processing continues for migrants who arrived at the nation's border after weeks of traveling through Mexico.

Thursday night, organizers said that more than 150 of the nearly 230 people in the group who reached the California border have been processed to determine if they had an asylum claim that would allow them to remain in the United States to pursue further court cases.