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    Trump surging in Ohio: Kasich voters “ditch and switch” to Trump, joining Blue Dog De

    Trump surging in Ohio: Kasich voters “ditch and switch” to Trump, joining Blue Dog Dems
    14 hours ago Shelby Carella 1 Response 5806 Views

    Donald Trump is surging in the latest Ohio polls, placing him in the “cat bird seat” against governor Kasich as the vote for Ohio begins this Tuesday.
    Kasich has faced heat for his NAFTA enactment and his statements condemning Trump for people protesting Trump. Many Kasich fans are now converting to Trump as new polls from NBC show Trump gaining a whopping 5 points in a week. These polls were largely conducted before the Chicago events.
    Even Democrats are converting into Republicans in Ohio:

    Joe Shrodek is a retired Ohio steelworker, a union man and a lifelong Democrat.
    But he’s bucking the party and the union to vote for Republican Donald Trump.
    “I think I’ve got a better shot with [Trump] than with a lifelong politician,” Shrodek said.
    As John Kasich, Ohio’s governor and a former U.S. congressman, seeks to win his home state in Tuesday’s presidential primary, he faces a strong challenge from Trump.
    The real estate mogul has drawn support from white working-class voters, who are plentiful in Ohio. In this swing state, he has managed to poach some voters from the opposing party.

    Ohio productivity grows, compensation dips

    This election season has been dominated by the feelings of voters who say they are fed up with “politics as usual.” A drive through Warren, Ohio, where Shrodek used to work, helps explain why.
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    video at story ...visuals of the decaying area - link

    Another picture of lost America due to companies no longer here. It also clearly shows more areas that have succumbed to heroin via the O admins open borders, BP directions to "stay away from drug smuggling areas" at the border.

    Very sick way to dumb down what is happening to Americans - ruin their lives in 2 ways!

    The woman from Working America is a double talker but Joe shows & tells the story. Ohio has a lot of voters switching to the Republican party and Pennsylvania has @ 44k so far that have switched.

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