An interesting point of view always comes from FederalistPatriot.US. This is from their 5-11 brief 3/14/05.

"I am one of The Patriot's avid supporters in the UK. I am trying to find answers to these questions and would appreciate your insights. 1. Why, as a British citizen who wishes to live and work in the U.S., is it extremely difficult to immigrate, even though I am educated to degree level and have a host of transferable skills? 2. Why am I excluded from joining the coastguard because of my service with Her Majesties Royal Marines Commandos (having of course, served in Iraq)? 3. Why are other nationalities taking employment that I as a British citizen would not be allowed to apply for? What can I do?" --London, UK
Editor's Reply: 1. Because you did not walk across our border with Mexico.... 2. Because you did not walk across our border with Mexico.... 3. Try walking across our border with Mexico...

and another of their viewer comments:

"In all the discussion of the immigration issue, the one aspect that I have not seen bluntly assessed (for sure not in Washington) is what a failed and myopic leader Mexican President Vicente Fox is. In America, many are made rich and families are well fed by the energetic labor of Mexicans. An admirable Mexican government (which they are most assuredly not) would set about reforming the country so that that same energetic Mexican labor could create riches and feed families inside Mexico. Fox's government simply wants to avoid the issue, preserve the established power structure, and make sure they get a healthy cut, when Mexico's workforce auctions itself off to more efficient economies." --River Ridge, Louisianna