Two Arrested for Human Smuggling in Laredo

Many illegal immigrants are deported every day by Border Patrol officials.

José Manuel Hernández and Inocente Pérez, were arrested by immigration officials.
Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LAREDO, Tx.- A Mexican and a Guatemalan joined efforts as they tried to take undocumented immigrants to San Antonio.

José Manuel Hernández, originally from Lúevano, San Luis Potos* and Inocente Pérez, from San Marcos, Guatemala, were arrested by immigration officials for human smuggling.

According to reports, they were apprehended near Bruni, Texas as they traveled on highway 359 in two vehicles, where they transported seven people.

Federal agents observed as both vehicles were parked on the side of the highway and several men came out of the brush and aboarded the vehicles.

Inocente arrived in a Nissan Frontier truck with seven Mexican immigrants. In the other vehicle, José Manuel, admitted to officials that they would receive 100 dollars for each undocumented immigrant that arrived to the Alamo city.