Two Houston Police Officers Fired
HOUSTON (AP) -- Two Houston police officers were fired after they were accused of downloading nude photographs of a suspected drunken driver from her camera phone.

Officers Christopher Green, 34, and George Miller, 38, were indefinitely suspended late last week, tantamount to firing in the department.

A search warrant for Green's home accused him of transferring nude photos from the college student's cellular phone to his personal digital assistant. The warrant also alleged that Miller left the woman a message suggesting they meet at an Italian cafe.

The woman's attorney, Ned Gill, has said he has no idea why she had nude photos of herself, or why the officers examined the phone. The woman is from China and speaks little English, Gill said.
Prosecutor Edward Porter, who is leading a criminal investigation, did not immediately return a call for comment Thursday, but another prosecutor said he did not believe there would be charges. State law forbids accessing a computer system without consent from the owner.

The officers' union attorney didn't immediately return a call Thursday.

Green and Miller were assigned to the department's drunken-driving task force, and the firings could affect other drunken-driving cases, officials said.