Two men arrested for fraudulently applying for ID at Reno DMV

Jaclyn O'Malley
November 17, 2010

The state department of motor vehicles’ facial recognition system led to the arrests Tuesday of two men accused of fraudulently applying for either an identification card or driver’s license.

Malcolm Lowell Gray, 73, of Sparks, and Alfonso Ramirez, 47, of Reno, were also booked into the Washoe County Jail on suspicion of possessing fraudulent documents. Gray was released from custody Tuesday, while Ramirez is a suspected illegal immigrant being held without bail on an immigration hold.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Spokesman Tom Jacobs said Ramirez’s record had been flagged through the facial recognition system as possibly fraudulent when he tried Tuesday to obtain a new identification card. Investigators said he possessed a fake Social Security card. He was arrested at the Reno DMV site on Galletti Way.

Gray, Jacobs said, was discovered through the facial recognition system to have two separate records with the agency under two different names. He had tried to obtain a new driver’s license and allegedly also possessed fake documents. Investigators said they suspect Gray may be defrauding federal and state agencies out of financial benefits that he is not entitled to.

Jacobs said investigators are forwarding on that information to the respective agencies for follow-up investigation. Gray was also arrested at the Reno DMV site.