By Aalia Shaheed
Published March 20, 2015
Fox News Latino

U.S. Border Patrol agents rescued two undocumented immigrants from a speaker box located in the locked trunk of a car at a Border Patrol Checkpoint in Sarita, Texas.

The operation took place around 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, according to a news release.

A female U.S. citizen was driving a white sedan in the primary inspection lane, when a K-9 alert led to a secondary inspection -- that's when the agents found two men inside the speaker box.

Temperatures surpassed 80 degrees in Sarita on Wednesday. Officials said the men were sweaty, complained of dizziness and told officers they’d spent over one and a half hours confined in the box.

The men declined to receive any medical attention. The driver was arrested, and the case has been referred to the Rio Grande Valley Sector Prosecutions Office.

The two men will be processed for removal from the country, officials said.

The month of March has seen many human smuggling attempts thwarted in various locations.

Earlier this month, Border Patrol agents in Falfurrias, Texas, rescued 36 undocumented immigrants from a refrigerated trailer. And over the past ten days, agents in Tucson, Arizona, have recovered five immigrants from vehicle trunks in three separate incidents.